Plan? There Is No Plan.

A man without a plan, that's our new president. At least he doesn't have one for the country. Himself? Sure, stay rich, get richer, make his family rich and famous. Everyone else? Ha! Hahahahhaahahaha. Fuck no. Take care of the economy? Pfff, more like reward those he likes which consists of his buddies in various wealthy industries. The poor morons who voted for him? Well, P.T. Barnum never had much sympathy for people who wanted to throw their money and power away, why the fuck would Trump who is cut from the same mold? No, there's no plan, there never was and best of all PEOPLE ACTUALLY APPRECIATED IT. Why? Because thinking about reality, judging for themselves if something actually made sense, checking facts WAS JUST TOO HARD. Stupid + greedy + fearful + religious all superimposed upon each other to create the perfect storm of belief in a man who, by technical description, has all the traits of the antichrist. Well, down the hatch. Here we go.
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