Peter Nolan's Second Wrong Doesn't Make It Right

In an Ohio college town, a couple get frisky in an alley. Passerbys take videos of the guy enjoying a tuna taco. Video gets posted. Chick goes to the police and claims rape.

I looked at the video. Based on that short clip and personal experience, it is hard for me to think that it was rape. I've seen people get busy in public, especially in college. Some people get off on that. However, I also don't know if the guy drugged her. Maybe they were both stupid drunk. That is all for the police to sort out and no charges have been filed yet.

In comes Peter Nolan. He found a picture, with the help of 4chan, of a girl at the local college who looks like the girl in the video. He publishes her private info. She says it wasn't her and she's freaked out and afraid for her safety.

Peter Nolan says that the girl that cried rape should be held accountable and that the girl is "VERY likely" the girl he outed. He also says he doesn't care about the girl he outed if he is wrong because women have made false accusations and gone unpunished for too long.

Falsely identifying a person as a "criminal" does not right the first crime. Outing the wrong person does not get the person who allegedly filed a false report charged with a crime. Fortunately, it seems from looking at the comments, public opinion is against the dick...er...Peter on this one. Of course Herr Nolan is so delusional he probably just thinks the commenters on the NY Daily News are just a bunch of rabid feminists. The "it's not me, it's all of them" is a clear sign of his paranoid psychosis with a tinge of psychopathy.

Looking at Peter Nolan's website and some of his posts, he is sad little man. He would do himself a favor to find a good shrink. Maybe he just needs to get laid really, really bad. However, with that attitude it is unlikely any woman would consent to be anywhere near him. I know I wouldn't, atleast not without full body armor and a can of mace. 

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I think he can and should be prosecuted for stalking. He’s not part of the state or federal government, nothing gives him the right to accuse someone, especially where rape is involved. He’s a dick and I hope he’s made to pay for his dickishness.
10/24/13 @ 21:27
Comment from: Mi
Please post this all over the world.
02/22/14 @ 13:51
Comment from: U.N. Owen Citizen  
you describe Nolan as a “sad little man.” Huh!? Have you seen a pic of him? He’s a monstrously BIG fat ignoranus. For the pic it’s sure he buys pretty girls ‘cause no woman in her right mind would be anywhere near all that brainless blubber for free. Check the pic at http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uQiCUiFqmVA/UwggvCD0-yI/AAAAAAAAAVA/RSuLLMjFquE/s1600/1456089_10203333151594878_936603866_n.jpg
03/04/14 @ 18:48