Pepper Spray Pathos Part 2: Campus Police Puke Wins

Remember Jon Pike, the asshole who thought that hosing down peaceful protesters with pepper spray, like a tenement resident with a can of raid on a roach nest, was the "right" thing to do? And the outrage that followed? Well it gets better, and then worse at the same time. Turns out the protesters who were maced sued successfully and won an award of $30k per person. Jon-jon though managed to parley his infamy into a nice $8k more than that amount. Here's how...
The former University of California police officer, who gained international notoriety for pepper spraying student protesters almost two years ago, is back in the news: Today, the university said it would pay John Pike $38,059 in workers' compensation. Pike claimed that the death threats that followed the incident caused him depression and anxiety.
So there you have it folks: being an asshole pays and pays nicely. Not only did Jon-jon avoid any negative repercussions of his asshole-ism, he also turned a nice profit. Of course there are those pesky opinions about his dick-size out there, and the occasional threat for being a fucking douche in the first place, but hey, this is America, land of the lawsuit, home of the fucktard who feels no remorse for inflicting pain and suffering on peaceful, college protesters. Way to go Jon. You certainly got the last laugh didn't you?
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