Old News: Fuck Orson Scott Card

So, about a decade after I bought 'The Memory of Earth' I finally forced myself to read it. I feel that when I buy a book I'm obliged to give it a chance, I'm not entirely sure why, but it probably has a lot to do with my giving people who screw me over a second chance. Some part of me wants to like the book/person and rebels against my inherent "fuck everything and everyone" instinct. But that instinct is also a survival instinct.

Was it Scotty who said "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?" I have yet to find an exception to that rule. Generally people who fuck you over once will fuck you again without remorse. Orson Scott Card is one of those people.

If you don't know why Card is suck a flaming fuckwad go Google for details, but the Cliff Notes version is that he's a racist, misogynist cocktard who is so full of himself that he sees himself as a mormon prophet. He believes so strongly that white men ARE god that it reeks in virtually every novel. This is not to say he's not an efficient storyteller, but beneath his thinly veiled plot lies a cesspit of fake morality and emotional honey-traps. "Ohhh feel for this poor, white, moral, human protagonist, he is you, troubled and lacking guidance but god/oversoul/master computer will give divine guidance seasoned with self-effacing doubt, believe my reader, believe in my beliefs."

Hey Orson, I have this response for you: I read your books, and I gave you money. I said you were a good author. That's over. You're not getting money from me, or anyone I can talk to. You're a shitbag and I hope you drown in your shittyness. Please, diaf. Sincerely, an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy Reader.

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