Now You Have Hope?

Eight years of un-fucking America under the banner of "hope" and stupid hicks could only complain that a non-white person was President. Now they have the ultimate, privileged white-boy who suckered them in and suddenly they find "hope".

In his first budget blueprint since taking office, President Donald Trump held to his promise to build up the U.S. military while slashing domestic spending - even for programs that benefit the rural and lower-income Americans who voted for him last November.
"Some people might think it's a betrayal," said Eric Waara, the Republican city manager of the 7,000-person town of Houghton on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, who said he hoped the proposal was just a negotiating tactic. "I think that we all hope it's the first small step until something better."(AP)

It's not "hope" it's fucking delusion. These are people who voted for someone who HATES them, loathes the poor, detests anyone who isn't in the top tax bracket and still they have "hope". Hope for what? I'd like to know. That he'll keep his promises of eliminating your medical coverage? Taking away your food? Ensuring that the elderly pay more and receive less? That their rivers and streams fill up with cancerous mining run-off? It's not like Dickhead Donald didn't say he WASN'T going to do these things, he sure did and you morons STILL voted for him.

Wanna know what else I find funny? After 8 years of screaming and crying from the NRA about how guns were going to get taken away NOT A DAMNED THING HAPPENED (except, of course, that gun companies made a fuck-ton of money as people hoarded as fast as they could.) Now, of course, gun stocks are poo-poo.

My fellow tRump-voting americans, I have this to say to you: "You're fucking retarded." And... as always... enjoy your "win". The more of you die as a result of your own actions, the better off this nation will be, because you're not smart enough to make good choices for yourself, not to mention the rest of the nation. Better stock up on "hope", because that's all you've got left.

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