Notre Dame: Providing That Brains Can Win Over Religion

Holy crap, I never expected this.

Reversing an earlier decision, the University of Notre Dame will continue providing students and employees with access to birth control free of charge.

The Catholic institution was one of the first major employers to take advantage of the Trump administration's weakening of Obamacare's contraceptive mandate.

Notre Dame, which had long battled the Obama administration over the provision, said in late October that it would end coverage for employees after Dec. 31 and for students after Aug. 14. The university said it objects to the mandate based on its religious beliefs.

Students and employees quickly protested the decision, holding a demonstration and creating an online petition. (CNN)

I'm both astonished and pleased. That a catholic university could find it in themselves to do right by women? I guess Notre Dame really is an institution of higher learning, in all respects of the term.

Props to you Notre Dame. And thank you for choosing sanity and equality over rhetoric.

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