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Living up to his name day after day.

Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings (BBC Headline)

You fucking idiot. More guns is not the answer. Any normal idiot knows this, but you're an extra special kind of idiot. And so are the people that elected you.


There's a clear theme here.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- As the nation mourned, President Donald Trump kept largely silent about the Florida school shooting victims and the escalating gun control debate, instead raging at the FBI for what he perceived to be a fixation on the Russia investigation at the cost of failing to deter the attack.

Did he NOT notice that kids died last week? Does that not even matter to him? I guess not. Because it's the United States of tRump. We just are lucky enough to live here.



"Crooked Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 election," Trump said. "But wasn't I a great candidate?" (AP)

Fucking moron.


Dickhead loves to talk about how "great" he's making America. Problem is, the only thing Dickhead is making great is the fucking mess he's making of the nation.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Money spent on lobbying by corporations, trade associations and special interest groups spiked during the final three months of 2017 as they battled for the biggest breaks possible in the most dramatic tax overhaul in more than 30 years.

The figures for the heavyweights are eye-popping.

The National Association of Realtors tallied $22.2 million between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, according to newly filed disclosure reports. That's double what the organization spent in the third quarter on lobbying activities. The Business Roundtable spent $17.3 million in the fourth quarter, nearly quadruple the amount over the three previous months, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported spending $16.8 million, a $3.7 million increase.

President Donald Trump swept into the White House promising to "drain the swamp" in Washington, but lobbyists continue to wield considerable influence and they plied their trade with vigor as Congress crafted the $1.5 trillion tax-cut package that Trump signed into law in late December.

Yes, tens of millions were spent by lobbyists, not on healthcare, not on infrastructure, and certainly NOT on tax cuts for the poor or middle class. Nope, this is a shameless display of spending money to make money by buying the politicians who can influence laws. This was money spent BY the rich FOR the rich and you know what? It worked. They won and won big. They won tax cuts WITHOUT a cutoff date. Unlike what the public got, businesses, the rich got a heaping helping of champagne while the voters got swamp water served up in paper cups.

This is Trumpmerica and the entertaining part is the still loyal proclaiming how GREAT the nation is now because they're getting the scraps on the floor, left over as the fat cats feast.

I need to change the title of this category from "nothing as stupid as tRump" to "nothing as stupid as a tRump supporter" because they're the reason we're in this mess.


Because it's the details that really matter.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House says President Donald Trump is focused on minimizing the harm [..] through the government shutdown.[..]

Trump has been criticized for not meeting with lawmakers since a lunch Friday with Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Trump also hasn't appeared in public since Friday. The White House released photos showing him in the Oval Office on Saturday and meeting with staff.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney says he's meeting with Trump later Monday to go over the "mechanics" of a shutdown.

Sure Dickhead is "focused on minimizing the harm" of a government shutdown TO HIMSELF. Dickhead hasn't appeared in public because the Ceremonial President Bather, Ceremonial President Food-Cutter, Ceremonial President Adorner of Clothes are all missing. And Dicky hasn't had to do those things for himself for.. well, forever. He's still probably standing in front of the Presidential toilet wondering which lever makes the "flush" sound.


Madam, whomever you are, I salute you. That slogan is so on point it hurts. Literally.

The White House has changed its answering machine message to blame Donald Trump's political opponents for its failure to answer calls.

The US is in the middle of a government shutdown, leaving many federal services without staff.

But callers to the White House comment line at the weekend were informed that Democrats were to blame.

The recorded message says calls cannot be answered because Democrats are holding government funding "hostage".

The recorded message was set up on the White House comment phone line, which accepts calls from members of the public.

"Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because Congressional Democrats are holding government funding - including funding for our troops and other national security priorities - hostage to an unrelated immigration debate," the recording says.

"Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down." (BBC)

First off, here is my retort: Fuck You Donald Trump. You are incompetent. You're lazy. You're unable to do anything useful because you have no useful skills. You're greedy. You're selfish. You're hateful. You're petty. You're not a "business man" like you advertised yourself to be, you clearly can't make any "deals". You're a liar. You're egotistical. You're sexist, racist and pretty much the most vile person ever to stain the carpets in the White House.

The reason the government is shutdown is because YOU ARE A FAILURE AS PRESIDENT. But you're also a failure as a man and a human being. The only person to blame for the partisan message, for the friction, the lack of action, for the brain-aching stupidity that sluices out of the White House is YOU.

Dear Donald Trump, please go away. You're ruining our nation. Kthxbai.


Because Bozo is going to have to go get them himself.

Trump was originally scheduled to attend a "Trump Victory Dinner" Saturday night at Mar-a-Lago, with proceeds going to a joint fundraising committee for his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee. That was up in the air early Saturday.

The reverberations will be felt across Washington, all over the nation - and within the White House residence.

According to federal stipulations, just 21 of the 96 members of the White House residential staff would report to duty on any day of a shutdown.

"Essentially, our core group of residence staff would still report to work to ensure that basic services are still provided to the first family," said Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump. (AP)

Dickhead, or Bozo if you prefer, works maybe 5 hours a day and likes to end his "tiring" travails in bed with a cheeseburger as he watches TV and blurts stupid shit onto Twitter. Well, with a 79% reduction in staff he's not going to have the service he's used to. No more warm towels out of the shower. No more turn-down service. And he'll have to place his own goddamn mint on his pillow at night (because sure-as-fuck you know that Mel ain't gonna be doing that.)

Bozo wanted to go to Florida for a nice party he was throwing himself (at Taxpayer expense), but supposedly he's now going to "stay" and "work" to fix the government he's broken.

Great president? Ha. The only thing he's great at is being the worst and most disliked president in history. At long last Harding and Buchanan can rest in peace.


Because if there's no medical explanation for his behavior then it's calculated and deliberate.

US President Donald Trump has shown no abnormal signs following a cognitive exam and is in excellent health, his White House doctor says.

"I have no concerns about his cognitive ability or neurological functions," Ronny Jackson said on Tuesday. (BBC)

By all accounts Dickhead acts like a psychotic, spoiled toddler who needs constant attention and gratification. So if it's not cognitive decline then he really IS just a selfish fucktard with no regard for anyone other than himself.

Kinda what I suspected all along.


The only shithole the President needs to be concerned about is the one between his nose and chin. Of course others put it more succinctly...

And Idaho Republican Mike Simpson told The Associated Press that Trump's remarks were "stupid and irresponsible and childish."

"He's president of the United States. That's not how a president behaves," Simpson said. "And for all of those people out there that are enamored with Trump's behavior and think this is no big deal, well shame on them. This is a big deal. America's influence and power in the world has really been about our ability to persuade because of our leadership, and he's just destroying that."(AP)

And there ARE people defending this scumbag, "pastors" even. If you can call them that, because in reality, true men of God don't hate, much less use derogatory comments about other cultures and nations.

The Rev. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas says that, apart from the reported choice of words, "Trump is right on target in his policy."

Robert Jeffress can go fuck himself.

But you know, regardless of Dickhead's stupidity, the icing is his lying about what he said and then immediately defending himself.

President Donald Trump has privately defended his remarks disparaging Haitians and African countries, saying he was only expressing what many people think but won't say about immigrants from economically depressed countries.

Dickhead? You're an asshole. You're the real fucking shithole this nation has to deal with. And to the rest of the world? Once again, I'm sorry.

Goddamn but it's getting tiresome having to apologize for this moron.


You know I feel for this guy, I really do. Here I am, seated at home where at least I can hide my embarrassment amongst my equally horrified peers but this poor guy, he has to represent US professionally. It's more than any rational person can do.

The US ambassador to Panama has quit because he says he is no longer able to serve under President Donald Trump.

John Feeley, a former Marine Corps helicopter pilot, said he was "honour-bound" to resign.

The US Department of State, which oversees American diplomats, learned of his resignation in late December. (BBC)

The Department of State is fucked. Employees old and new are leaving in droves, driven away by the sheer incompetence in their department and fostered by "the man at the top". Tillerson is inept, at best, or evil at worst. He doesn't allow records of key conversations, which are technically mandated by law, to be documented.

Of course, if there was nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing illegal going on why not have records? Gosh, I wonder.

However some government employees actually have a conscience, and for them working in a government of chaos, stupidity, intolerance, and ignorance is more than they can manage. No matter what the money or position means to them personally.

I'm sorry John Feeley, that it had to be like this. And at least I appreciate your service.


Yeah, we all know who I'm referring to.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- President Donald Trump said Thursday the East Coast "could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming" as bitterly cold temperatures are expected to freeze large swaths of the country this holiday weekend.

Also news in tRumpland: one and one equals eleven.



Dickhead is back at it again, congratulating himself on being something he isn't for doing something he didn't which isn't anywhere nearly as great as he claims it is.

Trump said the effort had "been an amazing experience" and claimed it resulted in "the largest tax cut in the history of our country."

Actually, Trump's cuts are nowhere near the largest in U.S. history (AP)

Dickhead seems purely unconcerned with lying, in fact he does it so much and so often most of the nation just accepts it.

But that doesn't make it ok. It just makes him ridiculously despicable. To the point where NOTHING he does or says can be taken seriously.

But we all know, at least all of us with enough brain to reason things for ourselves, that Dickhead has only ever been in this for himself and how much richer he can become.

In praising the bill, Trump cited the deep cut in the corporate tax rate, from 35 percent to 21 percent.

"That's probably the biggest factor in our plan," the president said at the White House.

Within minutes, during House debate at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., jumped on Trump's remarks, calling it proof that Republicans were never interested in passing meaningful tax cuts for the middle class.

Corporations get permanent cuts, the rich get limited time cuts and over half the country? The less-fucking-rich half? Guess what: you get a tax increase.

Cutting taxes did not work for Brownback, in fact "trickle down" economics has NEVER worked, but you know, that's just pesky facts. Not bullshit and delusion which is the current Dickhead in Chief's specialty.

So there we go. Oh and that fiscal conservatism? Yah, let me leave you with this:

The bill is projected to add $1.46 trillion to the nation's debt over a decade.


Dickhead Donald and his equally cunt-faced rep Nikki are doing their damnest to run the US reputation into the gutter. On the bright side, it really doesn't take a genius to tell that neither know what they're doing and frankly Tillerson is right in there with them, pissing and shitting all over our hard earned reputation.

The US says it "will be taking names" during a UN General Assembly vote on a resolution criticising its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Permanent representative Nikki Haley warned member states that President Donald Trump had asked her to report on "who voted against us" on Thursday.

The draft resolution does not mention the US, but says any decisions on Jerusalem should be cancelled.

Mr Trump later threatened to cut off financial aid to those who backed it.

"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we're watching those votes," he told reporters at the White House. "Let them vote against us. We'll save a lot. We don't care." (BBC)

Now who's an infantile dictator? Do what we say, how we say it or we'll destabilize the world? I know what the world is going to say, it's what I say every damn day: Fuck Trump.

And to the rest of the world? He's not MY president. I don't respect him. I don't follow him. And most importantly? He doesn't represent me. Sorry for the idiots in our nation who made this happen.


Every person injured, every person killed, every person angered or diminished by Dickhead Donald's statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel their blood, pain and suffering is on his hands.

Israel was established in 1947. That is how old the nation is. There is no more historical claim from one group than other that in "biblical times" that it belonged to them. Prior to 1947 Palestinians "owned" the land. The only path forward when something it taken from one group and given to another is to share. But sharing is not what the martial state of Israel has in mind. What it has in mind is the total annihilation of the former residents. Justification isn't needed if those who protest are all dead.

It didn't have to be this way, but Dickhead KNOWS no other way. He's having the most fun of his life, fucking with everything and everyone. Those who elected him basically elected a modern Caligula, as maniacally self interested as possible and unconcerned with the fate of those around him. I honestly think that Dickhead believes himself to be chosen by god, able to do or say whatever because none of it matters. Not to him.

Netanyahu, really there's nothing to add, other than the evil glee with which he's gloating on the turn of events. Now he can kill more openly, helping him realize the tragedies he'd intended to inflict all along. Netanyahu is and always was evil, similarly cloaked and abetted by the same religion that supports Dickhead.

I know it's foolish to hope that circumstances will just up and sweep these shitbags and their legacy away. Because that's not going to happen. Instead we have to wait for the Boomers to die off, and the pendulum to swing back to sanity. Hopefully not before everything is too far gone.


I think having a total ignoramus for a president has helped clear up the swamp: it made people realize how much WORSE it could be when you elect an imbecile.

US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been met with a wave of disapproval. (BBC)

Again the spoiled child analogy holds. From kicking over other kids toys to running out into traffic, Dickhead has no concern about the impact his actions have on the nation or the world. All he cares is finding more and more incendiary actions so he can keep making headlines.

Of course this is only year one. Imagine what will be left for him to do by the time this bullshit winds to a close.


This comes as a surprise to no one. Birds of a feather y'all.

Buoyed by the taste of his own success in Congress as the Republican tax bill inches closer to passage, Trump telephoned Moore to offer encouragement as well as support and also argued in a pair of tweets that Moore's vote was badly needed to push the president's policies forward.

In addition, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was initially among several national Republicans to urge Moore to drop out of the race, said Sunday it was up to Alabama voters to decide whether the former state Supreme Court chief justice should be elected. (AP)

So this is less of a test of the GOP leadership, since that right there is a contradiction in terms, and more a test of Alabama and the Red State Nation as a whole. Which is more important to the "good people" of the south? Electing a pervert who will "represent" them? Or Electing a democrat to represent them?

All in all I have very little faith that Alabama will embrace any biblical principles here. I mean hell, they helped elect the fucking Antichrist, might as well elect Baal to go with him.


President Lying Fuckface is back at it again.

Mr Trump's Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, said earlier that the president's aim in reversing the park's federally protected status was "about giving rural America a voice".

He added that "public land is for the public to use and not special interests". (BBC)

And how, exactly, was the public land NOT usable when it was a public monument? Or maybe we have different meanings to the word: "use". Use means enjoying, driving, hiking, camping and not mining, grazing, destroying, logging, scarring and depleting the resources from the ground. See when Dickhead says "use" he means "make money from". And when he says "public" he doesn't mean the average person, he means corporations.

Dickhead, you're a lying, fascist pig. You and yours are very busy raping the nation and its people of resources so you can get richer. And somehow idiots don't see this and think that Dickhead is a god given gift to support them. Well I guess the people of Jonestown thought the same thing too.