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Hur Hur Hur

It's totally true, nothing CAN be as stupid as tRump. Everything he says keeps supporting that hypothesis.

(CNN)President Donald Trump defended some of the most controversial claims of his young political career in a wide-ranging interview with Time magazine published Thursday, in which he offered a simple and absolute defense of his method:

"I'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right. Hey, look, in the meantime, I guess I can't be doing so badly, because I'm President, and you're not," he told Time's Washington bureau chief, Michael Scherer.

It's like he's never grown up, never gotten out of 2nd grade. Really that's the BEST he can offer? "I'm President and You're Not?" Really? Not even "well I thought about it" or maybe "I have some super-smart people advising me" possibly even "I support the will of the public, right or wrong." Newp, it's just "I'm right because I'm always right because I'm smarter and richer than you and also I'm president which means that I'm the smartest person on earth, even smarter than those other presidents who aren't president any more."

Seriously, this is the guy who just sat in a semi yesterday and said "vroom, vroom" as he sat behind the wheel. Yep that's the president, a certified imbecile.


When he doesn't want to face the actual WORK of being president what does he do? Go back to campaigning. Maybe that way the grass will stay greener...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- President Donald Trump is returning to the road, rallying supporters to recapture the enthusiasm of his campaign and reassuring them about his tumultuous early days in the White House.[..] In Trump's rally telling, things in Washington are going great. He's been cracking down on illegal immigration, is "way ahead of schedule" on his southern border wall and is on the verge of passing a new health care plan that "does so much for you."

Dickhead has a really hard time with actually sitting down and doing the work and who can blame him? Work is HARD. It means THINKING. It means REASONING. These are things that Dickhead doesn't want to do because they're not fun. Worse! People have been cracking down on his fun all over the place (how dare they.) Dickhead tweets whatever he wants whenever he wants, and it's all true because he's PRESIDENT. Anything the president says is automatically true and anything he does is automatically legal, but no, stupid people insist on CHECKING facts, on demanding PROOF. How rude! Don't they respect that he's president?

So to escape all the stress and "work" (read: showing off to foreign dignitaries) he's back on the road, pressing the flesh and stomping around on stage because even without bread, circuses are a GREAT way to keep the masses entertained.

Until, you know, they can't be entertained any more.

NEW RINGGOLD, Pa. (AP) -- Among the groups hardest hit by the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is one that swung for Donald Trump during last year's presidential race - older Americans who have not yet reached Medicare age.[..] Health care experts predict those older adults will end up buying skimpier plans with lower coverage and higher deductibles because that's all they will be able to afford.

Yes, those days of grandstanding to screaming masses have gotten a little more strained. It's one thing to have someone else to blame for the problems but now the buck stops with him. And Dickhead has to find a way to keep the cult happy, even when they're the ones who will be taking the fall.

Good luck Nero, keep on fiddlin'.


Dickhead still hasn't gotten it through his thick skull that he's president, not king, and he's not allowed to just spew any random thought that comes into his empty head.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Facing a Monday deadline, the Justice Department asked lawmakers for more time to provide evidence backing up President Donald Trump's unproven assertion that his predecessor wiretapped his New York skyscraper during the election. The request came as the White House appeared to soften Trump's explosive allegation.

While I can't put an actual cost on his bullshit I can do a rough estimate. Based on his desperate bid to redirect attention away from his Russian connection, tRump made up what he *thought* would be just another fabrication, just like all the ones he spewed during the election. But then the government, paid by the taxpayers, had to deal with the consequences: the Justice Department; let's say generously, 20 people for 80 hours (two weeks) at $50 an hour which equals $80k and that's JUST the Justice Department. Now lets add congress for just one day: $16 million (reference: scroll down to the answer) and we'll ignore the press and anyone else peripherally involved in communicating the fallout from this specific prevarication.

So yeah, a few million. Just to humor a crazed, egomaniac. But that's not all...

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sidestepped questions about the lack of proof Monday, saying she was "not in the job of having evidence."[..] "What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately," including "microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera," Conway said. "So we know that that is just a fact of modern life."

Dumb Twat Conway then opened a HUGE can of worms by saying that the government has "many ways to surveil" it's citizens, meaning that the US Government, also her employer, is constantly violating the public's rights every moment of every day which is "just a fact of modern life". No bitch, no, it's NOT just a fact of modern life, you need a court ORDER to wire tap, an order which, if it actually existed, tRump could declassify and wave in everyone's faces.

Which he can't.

So what we have here is a stinking mess. An asshole who just says whatever he feels like, an administration that's afraid to correct him, and more than half of congress doing whatever it can to go along with the crazy.

Yep, just another day in tRump-merica, just another day in hell.


They recognized each other, instinctively.

President Donald Trump should be given a chance to prove himself, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe says. (BBC)

That's so fucking awesome I don't know what could top it, other than Stalin maybe, giving der tRump props from the grave. Mugabe, one of the most loathsome scums ever born coming to the president's defense? Shitson, you KNOW you've hit rock bottom.


Dickhead Donald is all about "Winning". Every time he talks about himself and what he's doing that word is in there. Of course if you're forced to go on a second round of victory tours to convince people of how "winning" you are, clearly your record isn't speaking for itself.

President Donald Trump is out of Washington for the weekend. His plans include meetings at his Mar-a-Lago estate and a campaign rally in central Florida.
On Twitter Saturday, Trump touted his "many meetings this weekend at The Southern White House" and his "big" speech in Melbourne later in the day. He added: "A lot to talk about!"

Trump is trying to regain his footing following a series of crises that have threatened his young administration. (AP)

So the whole notion that his record of "winning" would speak for itself seems to be somewhat in jeopardy. And while most presidents enjoy a honeymoon period after their election, DD's post-winning (the electoral college) period seems better characterized as a dismal-moon with chaos, defections, misinformation, misspellings and blatant lies.

Oh and let's not forget about the hate, because he's really good at the schoolyard bully tweets:

I feel sorry for Rosie 's new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the thought of their daughter being with @Rosie--a true loser.
You must admit that Bryant Gumbel is one of the dumbest racists around - an arrogant dope with no talent. Failed at CBS etc-why still on TV?

I loved beating these two terrible human beings. I would never recommend that anyone use her lawyer, he is a total loser! (DD)

That is the current president, speaking for himself in his own words. Wow, isn't he "winning"?


It's not like we don't have HISTORICAL evidence to prove that walls are for imbeciles, but hey, let's do diligence here and lay out the points eh? So here are ten solid reasons why a wall between Mexico and the US won't work.

  • 1. We have two coasts. It's pretty hard to build a wall on water and plenty of immigrants come across via boats around either end. Oh you think the Coast Guard is going to handle that? The 30k people in that poor, impoverished, semi-DoD organization is going to stop dragging trashed hulks out of the Missippi, cleaning up the bayou, and rescuing lost boaters just to chase immigrants? Hahhahahahhaha. Funny!
  • 2. Under. From digging tunnels to crawling through storm drains we don't have enough people and never CAN have enough people to police the ground under the border. Good fucking luck trying. Google "how many tunnels under US border" and then get back to me.
  • 3. Over. I've seen pictures of people driving up to EXISTING sections of wall with bucket loaders and ramps and just scooting over. Not to hard, expecially since even if we DO spot them we still have to intercept them.
  • 4. Around. There are always gaps in every fence. There has to be. Think people won't find their way around fences when the land isn't flat, has rivers running through it or just areas to drive past? Let me remind you of another great wall that fucking FAILED because of the "around" strategy: The Maginot Line.
  • 5. And speaking of history, let's look at other successfull walls in China and Berlin. Guess what doesn't work? WALLS.
  • 6. Also think for a moment, what exactly will a wall solve? Crime? Drug trade? A lack of jobs? Just for one fucking second THINK about what this wall is purported to solve. I'm sure tons of farmers, day laborer dependent industries would really, really like you to consider the consequences. Americans are going to pick berries and harvest crops? Uh huh, sure
  • 7. After the moon landing, what massive project has the US managed to complete successfully. The Big Dig? Modernizing O'Hare? California Rails? Just how on-budget and on-time do you think this will be? Remember who is footing the bill?
  • 8. Fear. A wall does nothing to make the US safer, especially when we have a history of blowing ourselves up. The wall won't make anyone or anything safer. It won't reduce fear and uncertainty between us and immigrants at all. It's like a pillow fort, maybe you feel better inside but it's not protecting you from fucking anything but your own insecurities.
  • 9. Isolationism is a failed policy. Whenever we have stuck our heads in the sand it has hurt us. From Pearl Harbor to the expansion of the Islamic State, failing to act when the problem is small has lead to American deaths. Preventable American deaths, and the deaths of many from around the globe. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed as fuck to get their asses kicked with no one to blame but themselves.
  • 10. tRump bullshit. He likes to buy new shiny things. He doesn't follow through. Then he blames others or just lies about what he was on record for saying. NATO is back. Think he's going to do anything other than feed business buddies $15 billion of taxpayer money? Think again.

If you can.


Who does he represent? Not 48%.

The latest election totals showed that Mrs Clinton, who lost to outsider Mr Trump last month, has received more votes than Mr Obama did in his 2012 victory, according to data from the National Archives and a running total by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.
She has overtaken Mr Trump by nearly 2.8 million votes (48% to Mr Trump's 46%). (BBC)

America loves a winner right? But what if that "winner" didn't really win?

It's unclear to anyone, other than Dickhead himself, what he represents. He's scared his party, infuriated women, panicked non-binary genders and maligned anyone and everyone he can, friend or foe. There's only one person Trump cares about, and we all know who that is. As we're seeing he's going to buy or threaten anyone whose influence he needs, everyone else, voters included, can fuck off and die.

Make America great? Only if "America" = "Donaldildo Trump". Maybe Louis XIV said it first, but Trumptard is living it right now. L'Etat, c'est moi. Putain.


A man without a plan, that's our new president. At least he doesn't have one for the country. Himself? Sure, stay rich, get richer, make his family rich and famous. Everyone else? Ha! Hahahahhaahahaha. Fuck no.

Take care of the economy? Pfff, more like reward those he likes which consists of his buddies in various wealthy industries. The poor morons who voted for him? Well, P.T. Barnum never had much sympathy for people who wanted to throw their money and power away, why the fuck would Trump who is cut from the same mold? No, there's no plan, there never was and best of all PEOPLE ACTUALLY APPRECIATED IT. Why? Because thinking about reality, judging for themselves if something actually made sense, checking facts WAS JUST TOO HARD.

Stupid + greedy + fearful + religious all superimposed upon each other to create the perfect storm of belief in a man who, by technical description, has all the traits of the antichrist.

Well, down the hatch. Here we go.


There's nothing Dickbrain can do that doesn't make me nauseous.

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Donald Trump is gone from the boardroom of NBC's reboot of "Celebrity Apprentice" but he's kept a business connection to the reality show.

President-elect Trump has an executive producer credit on "The New Celebrity Apprentice," said Clare Anne Darragh, a spokesman for "Apprentice" creator Mark Burnett. She declined further comment on Trump's participation in the show that taped last February.

Yep, being president isn't enough for the ol'Donaldo, he's going to hold on to his show and pay himself to put on parties for foreign dignitaries in his own hotel. In a nutshell he's going to make him self rich and richer at the cost of every citizen.

But hey, that's ok, because "if the President does it then it's not illegal!" (der Trump)



Yes it's tRumpMerica folks! And the first order of business is to harass everyone and anyone who DOESN'T hold your fucked up views. Case in point: for the first time ever I received a call that started with a young woman asking if I were Pro-Life.

I live in Massachusetts ffs. Of COURSE I'm NOT Pro-Life.

I'm not sure when she precisely I hung up. I think it was midway between "You're to blame for every unwanted child that dies in America" and "You have no empathy for what it means to be a single, pregnant woman" but she bailed on me.

I wished the blank air "And have a nice day" with the most hatred that I could muster.

Yes, tRump fans, this is your day so make the most of it. You get to alienate your fellow citizens with the presumption that we hold your caustic views. Just don't be surprised when that acid gets vomited right back all over your nice, shiny, new tRump shirt. The harassment has started, on phones and in our faces. Think life isn't going to change? Guess again. It already has. You just better fucking PRAY that it doesn't affect you.

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City police are looking for three men who taunted a Muslim woman aboard a subway train, yelling "Donald Trump" and calling her a terrorist.

This is what you wanted. Proud yet?


Happy Thanksgiving to all--even the haters and losers! (DT)

Remember, this is the guy that 50 million americans voted for. If you're one of the 50 million, this IS what you voted for. This IS what you're giving america. So don't be surprised in the least when those that voted for sanity, dignity and honesty give you the same shit right back.