Not Much Sympathy

When I first read about the SUV and motorcycle incident I was immediately on the side of the bikers. However it hasn't taken long for my opinion to flip-flop. From everything I've seen and read, the police assessment is correct: the bikers are at fault. This includes both the person who started the altercation with the SUV and the person who got run over in the process.
New York (CNN) -- The video seems clear: An SUV driver hits a biker on Manhattan's West Side and sets off a violent chain of events. But now, a debate is raging over who should shoulder the blame for this disturbing attack.[..] Police have not said that they are seeking any charges against Lien [the driver of the SUV]. But they arrested Christopher Cruz, who is seen slowing in front of the Range Rover before he was bumped.[..] But now, supporters of the bikers being vilified for the weekend attack are pleading their case. They gathered Wednesday night outside the Manhattan hospital where one of the bikers, Edwin Mieses, lies comatose. He was run over by the SUV as the driver tried to escape.
To me the case is pretty clear, Cruz, who you can see clearly in the video as turning around and staring in the windshield of the SUV as he rides in front, is the instigator. He is clearly offended that anyone should have the nerve to be on his road. He brake checks the SUV when there is virtually no room between then and, obviously, he gets bumped, not knocked down, not run over, just bumped. As the other bikers crowd and start to bang on the SUV, the driver punches it and gets the hell out, in the process clipping a bike that was in his way. The owner of that bike, as it has been recently revealed, is a dirtbag with a record a mile long. As recently as last week Mieses was busted for driving without a license, and there's no record of him even having a motorcycle license. Given the rap sheet this guy has even if he hadn't gotten run over, it was virtually inevitable that he would come to some bad end, probably on wheels.
According to police and records with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Mieses hasn't had a valid license or permit to drive in the state since 1999. He also never applied for a motorcycle license. The records show that in June he was named a habitual offender and his right to drive in the state was revoked until 2017.(AP)
Motorcycle rallies can be a beautiful thing, when everyone is fully informed. Hollywood Stuntz did no such thing. Advertising an event isn't the same thing as getting permission from authorities, and just creating a pop-up "mob" doesn't empower you to endanger other motorists. The bikers out there claim that the SUV driver was a "maniac" in an attempt to justify harassing, trapping and beating the man who feared for his family's safety. Frankly I think they got off lucky. Were it just about anyone else with their baby in the car, it's likely that many more riders would have been flattened. These guys make a solid argument for "no helmet" laws. Not that there's much brain to protect anyway.
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I was hoping you’d post about this. Did you notice the number of bikes with no apparent plate? Unless I missed something, better than half were not licensed. I just wish Alexian Lien had flattened a few more of the dirt bags’ bikes. As far as Mieses is concerned, I guess he won’t be driving illegally anymore. Yes, it’s pretty drastic, but at least one menace is off the road. Unfortunately break-check Cruz is still functional. Hopefully they will throw his ass behind bars for a few.
10/04/13 @ 12:06
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Well Cruz is in jail, passport confiscated. Can you say “deported"?
10/04/13 @ 12:40
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One explanation could be that one of the motorcyclists smashed the side mirror on his expensive SUV and this is when he decides to run over all the bikes. typically a side mirror smash is awarded when a careless cager nearly wipes out a motorcyclist in a careless lane change. But because of being granted instant victim status after the somewhat violent arrest on 178th (2nd try) then no one even bother to check Liens blood alcohol content.
05/21/14 @ 23:12
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ae em, did you even watch any of the videos? The thugs started to open his door!!!! If had a bunch of thugs swarming my vehicle I would have punched the gas and let the rest sort itself out, too. “a side mirror smash is awarded"? Fuck you! “careless cager"? Again fuck you! Watching the video, many in this group are just the type of assholes that ride between lanes on the FDR, Cross Bronx, LIE, BQE, pick your congested NYC “expressway". They give motorcyclists a bad name and they deserve what they get. Drive in a fucking lane (and not between) and maybe a people driving cars will actually see you and not nearly wipe you out.
05/22/14 @ 13:17