NFL Boycott Bullshit

Someone mentioned to me that there was a bit of tension during their Thanksgiving because of the NFL. The "macho" types didn't want to watch because their delicate sensibilities might be offended during the National Anthem. The person mentioning this to me was lamenting how dreadful it was that things like sports had become politicized and uncomfortable.

I reminded them that sometimes it's necessary to be uncomfortable because it reminds people that change is needed. Like drawing attention to segregation. Like drawing attention to women's suffrage. Without mass and public discomfort the US would STILL be run exclusively by greedy, rich, self-centered white men.

I'm not saying we don't have a long way to go, but it's better than it was. We just need to remind those who falter, that we can't give up. The future is at stake.

So to anyone who complains about how uncomfortable the tension makes them in watching the national anthem at a football game, just remember, this nation was founded on protest, from the first colonies until today. Discomfort is good, it builds character and forces change, even if that change is just turning off the TV.

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