New Mississippi Motto: Ignorance is Blissful Bloat

Biggah, is bettah. But what if you don't want to be bigger? One state is going out of its way to protect blissful ignorance when it comes to counting calories. That state is the waddle-capitol of the US of A.
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) -- A new law in the most obese state in the nation says Mississippi cities and counties can't ban the Big Gulp or put other local regulations on food and drink. Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2687 Monday, and it became law immediately.[..] The Mississippi law says local governments can't require restaurants to list calorie counts on menus or ban plastic toys in kids' meals. It was pushed by the state restaurant association and chicken growers, among others.
Frankly I couldn't give two french-fries about toys in meals. This coming from a hard-core cereal-box diver from way back, I learned early how to get that plastic gewgaw from the box without disrupting the contents. (Hint: take the bag out of the box, and shake it until the toy comes to the top, re-roll the bag and lay flat on the table, jiggle till you can slip the contents back into the cardboard.) But banning calorie counts is fucking retarded-moron-stupid. It's a hindrance for people who *do* want to eat out and *still* know how much they're taking in. I mean sometimes it's a big surprise to find that your soup has more calories than the yummier-looking chicken sandwich. What's *WRONG* with knowing how many calories you're taking in? Why is it un-American to ask that the information be available? Mississippi has nothing to be proud about here. In fact they should just post the damn counts and still keep eating what they like, content in the knowledge that they did just gobble down enough calories to feed a village in Ethiopia. What's wrong with that? There's a big difference between big + contented and big + guilty. Frankly if you're happy with how you are, that's good enough for me. But for the person who wants to know, the information should be freely available. And passing a law to prevent people from making informed decisions? Well that's just saggy-ass-sad, Mississippi-style.
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How does this governor consider banning calorie counts to be supportive of his constituents right to make informed decisions? I’m a tub-o-lard that tries to make decent decisions about what goes into my pie-hole. If there are two items that catch my eye, I like to be informed which has less calories (fat and carbs, too, but calories will work). All this law does is kiss big-business’ collective ass and let them off the hook.
03/23/13 @ 08:54