Mostafa Alizadeh: Islami-Nazi

Wow, it's hard to imagine how an asshole like this can even live with himself. It's a strong reminder that shitbags like this have always existed to demonstrate how revolting humans can be.
Iran has arrested eight people working for online modelling agencies deemed to be "un-Islamic", the prosecutor of Tehran's cybercrimes court has said. The arrests are part of an operation that has seen women targeted for posting photos showing them not wearing headscarves on Instagram and elsewhere.[..] "The persons who reformed their behaviour after receiving a notice did not face any judicial action, and eight out of the 29 have been arrested," he said. A spokesman of the Iranian Centre for Surveying and Combating Organised Cyber Crimes, Mostafa Alizadeh, said: "Sterilising popular cyberspaces is on our agenda. "We carried out this plan in 2013 with Facebook, and now Instagram is the focus," he added, saying fresh operations would begin in the coming days. (BBC)
So the "crime" of a woman posing without a headscarf for a picture is prison? SERIOUSLY DON'T YOU FUCKTARDS HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO? Like maybe work on peace? Or science? Or even just getting along with the rest of the world? Arresting women for taking a natural and NORMAL picture of themselves is what you're proud of? You're a fucking idiot, you know that Mosty? A nasty, evil, scummy, shitbag too. Let's not forget that. Too bad your idiot leaders can't help you realize that.
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