Mmmm, Swampilicious

So, how's that "drain the swamp" thing workin' for ya tRump-Rumpers? Government gettin' all squeaky clean for ya?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members say they do not plan to reimburse the government for charter flights costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Representatives of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt say the trips were pre-approved by ethics officials in their respective agencies and were part of their official duties.

Inspectors general for the two agencies have opened inquiries into the taxpayer-funded travel.

Thus far Dickhead has managed to break a record, one for the total number of employees leaving or being dismissed for various reasons. From pissing off Dickhead, to being caught lying under oath the guy who said he would "clean up the government" not only has made accountability more difficult to examine but he's employed people who don't believe they ARE accountable.

At least not to the public that pays their salaries and funds their happy little jaunts on fancy planes.

Meanwhile, the independent Office of Special Counsel said it is investigating a complaint that Zinke’s speech to a Las Vegas hockey team may have violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits executive branch officials from engaging in political activities. The team’s owner contributed to Zinke’s congressional campaigns and to Trump’s inauguration.

This is what happens when inept, inexperienced idiots are put into a job they know nothing about by the biggest, most inept idiot of them all.

Clean the swamp, ha, don't make me laugh. Clearly Dickbrain didn't even know what a swamp was...

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