Mexico Is Laughing At US

Yep, the supposed "greatest nation on Earth" and we're our own worst enemy. Al Qaida can't shut us down, but we can do a damned fine job all on our own. The world is looking at us and wondering wtf is wrong with those burks...
For most of the world, a government shutdown is very bad news - the result of revolution, invasion or disaster. Even in the middle of its ongoing civil war, the Syrian government has continued to pay its bills and workers' wages.[..] American policymakers "are facing the unthinkable prospect of shutting down the government as they squabble over the inconsequential accomplishment of a 10-week funding extension", Mexico's The News wrote in an editorial.[BBC]
What makes it even more incomprehensible to most of our first-world peers is the fact that the squabble is over health care, a basic right that most civilized governments afford their citizens. Instead we have wig-coiffed morons holding our nation hostage because the notion that EVERYone should be able to afford medical care is beyond their ken. Really? What kind of miserly asshole would deny 15% of the population the security of being able to afford an annual checkup? Almost 70% know who is behind this asinine bullshit, the same cocktards who convinced people that they could railroad the ENTIRE government based on their lack of compromise. Well fuckheads that's NOT how government works, and you're finding this out now. Think American's can live without government? Think again. You're our government, and we'd rather live without you. FUCK THE TEAPARTY DOUCHEBAGS. FUCK YOU AND YOUR DRIVEL. Most children learn at an early age that they can't get what they want by pitching a tantrum. Clearly it's a lesson you need to learn the hard way.
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