Marguerite Thoresen, Just Wait Till It's Your Turn

Marguerite Thoresen killed her mother through neglect. The story of how Cynthia was finally found is beyond gruesome, it's something that exceeds imagination, especially when you realize that this is her family that did this to her. One paragraph is really enough.
On a bed in the foyer lay 88-year-old Cynthia Thoresen, her eyes screwed up in agony, her fists clenched, with an untended broken leg. Feces caked her body, from her arms down to her feet, filling the crevices between her toes and under her fingernails. (AP)
It might be reasonable to believe that Cynthia would have been better off on the street, easily better off at an institution, than shut up in a hole. Then again, Marguerite was getting paid to care. But she didn't. And no one checked. Only when the screaming got too much was someone finally called, and even then Daughter didn't even care enough to find out. Three days later they finally reached Daughter, and guess what? She still didn't care. Oh but it gets better. Because now everyone knows what happened and it turns out that NO one cares, because Marguerite was never called to task for the cruelty she meted out. Funny how you can be so vile to your mother, but if it were a pet there might have at least been a fine. The world is aging, and if there is one Marguerite then there are probably many. Caring for an aging parent is not like caring for a baby, there are no "cute" moments, teenage baby sitters, or buggies to push around the dependents. Around the globe stories of elderly parents relegated to dismal little closets and back rooms are becoming more and more common, but the outrage is hardly the same as when a child is treated the same way. This story actually took place years ago. Suicide is illegal in many nations, but being slowly left to rot by your nearest kin is not. Although no charges were ever brought against Marguerite, age is not nearly as forgiving and someday she will hopefully understand, first hand, what it's like to be old and forgotten. Frankly, that's the best she can hope for.
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