Mandate? More Like Man Don't

Who does he represent? Not 48%.
The latest election totals showed that Mrs Clinton, who lost to outsider Mr Trump last month, has received more votes than Mr Obama did in his 2012 victory, according to data from the National Archives and a running total by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. She has overtaken Mr Trump by nearly 2.8 million votes (48% to Mr Trump's 46%). (BBC)
America loves a winner right? But what if that "winner" didn't really win? It's unclear to anyone, other than Dickhead himself, what he represents. He's scared his party, infuriated women, panicked non-binary genders and maligned anyone and everyone he can, friend or foe. There's only one person Trump cares about, and we all know who that is. As we're seeing he's going to buy or threaten anyone whose influence he needs, everyone else, voters included, can fuck off and die. Make America great? Only if "America" = "Donaldildo Trump". Maybe Louis XIV said it first, but Trumptard is living it right now. L'Etat, c'est moi. Putain.
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