Low Class, No Class: UK Hates On Dead Thatcher

Wow, I mean talk about gauche. How low can you go?
LONDON (AP) -- Hundreds of opponents of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher partied in London's Trafalgar Square to celebrate her death, sipping Champagne and chanting "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead." Thatcher's most strident critics had long vowed to hold a gathering in central London on the Saturday following her passing, and the festivities were an indication of the depth of the hatred which some Britons still feel for their former leader.
It's so tacky, something usually ascribed to Americans, but the British are really lower than us. It's one thing to hate on someone while they're alive, but to make a party out of their funeral? I mean ffs, Nixon was generally abhorred but he committed crimes, Thatcher committed no crime other than being elected, a point that seems to be lost on most of the haters. I never liked Bush, either of them, but I respect that they were elected by my fellow citizens, and I would never, *ever* rejoice over someone's death that represented our nation in an honest way. But tacky is as tacky does I guess and the Limey's sure the fuck own that title fair and square.
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