Lies All Lies

President Lying Fuckface is back at it again.

Mr Trump's Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, said earlier that the president's aim in reversing the park's federally protected status was "about giving rural America a voice".

He added that "public land is for the public to use and not special interests". (BBC)

And how, exactly, was the public land NOT usable when it was a public monument? Or maybe we have different meanings to the word: "use". Use means enjoying, driving, hiking, camping and not mining, grazing, destroying, logging, scarring and depleting the resources from the ground. See when Dickhead says "use" he means "make money from". And when he says "public" he doesn't mean the average person, he means corporations.

Dickhead, you're a lying, fascist pig. You and yours are very busy raping the nation and its people of resources so you can get richer. And somehow idiots don't see this and think that Dickhead is a god given gift to support them. Well I guess the people of Jonestown thought the same thing too.

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