Jan Withers Is MADD Out Of Touch

Jan Withers, President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving,  told several news outlets that she supports the North Andover High School's punishment of Erin Cox because she thinks she should have called an adult.  Really? I don't think Jan know teenagers very well.

It was a long time ago, but I remember when I was a teenager. My parents over reacted over everything. Calling them for anything was typically last on my list. They still over react and I try to keep what I "share" to a minimum just so I don't have to hear an ear beating. If I had called them to help a drunk friend I would have never heard the end of it and I probably would have been prohibited from ever seeing that friend again. 

If Jan meant that Erin (or her drunk friend) should have called a non-parental adult, then who? A teacher? A coach? The neighbor down the block? Who? 

Jan doesn't keep her out of touch limited to teenagers, Jan "advocates for federal legislation that provides research funding for technology that will turn cars into the cure for drunk driving." - See more  In other words, lets put breathalyzers in ever single car. Yeah, I really want to have to have yet another piece of crap in my car that can malfunction and make my car more expensive. I just hope that our legislators have enough common sense to say "no" to this lunatic on that one. 

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I support technology that will turn cars into the cure for drunk driving. Just not the way she wants. I want a self driving car so I can read a book during my commute. Or play a video game. Beyond that, fuck MADD and Jan. Erin’s right, they (and the school) are wrong. It’s sad the teenager is the most responsible party in the room, but that’s the situation as it stands.
10/17/13 @ 17:02
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Self driving car, I like the way you think.
10/17/13 @ 20:44