Itty Bitty Bully: NC Speaker Tim Moore

Tim is losing more ground each day. Now he's doing the last thing he can: threaten the community that dared to legally pass it's own laws.
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Chances appear to be dwindling that North Carolina lawmakers will alter a contentious, new state law limiting LGBT nondiscrimination protections, because a legislative leader says they won't act until Charlotte first throws out its local ordinance increasing those protections. House Speaker Tim Moore says he and other Republican legislators want Charlotte to act before any conversations are held on rewriting House Bill 2. [..] But the city council refused Monday to hold a vote later this week to consider removing the now-nullified city ordinance.
Yes it's good to see the hypocrisy of the "small government / less regulation" bullies laid bare. They're all for independence from the Fed, but HELL FUCKING NO that same rhetoric doesn't apply when it comes to smaller communities within their domain. In those cases they'll pass laws all fucking day to "regulate" even the most private of matters.. what a person does with their privates. Thing is, the Feds have the upper hand and if Tim doesn't want to play well then the government will take its money ball and go elsewhere. As will artists, musicians, sports, and the list goes on. HEY TIM. YOU'RE FUCKING WRONG. And know what? You'll go down in history that way too. Dipshit.
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