It's Gotta Get Better At Some Point

Ever have a shitty couple of days? I mean really shitty? Well I got that goin' on. Between the snow (40 minute commute home = 160 minute commute home), and the general jackassery on the road (no NEW snow, but today's commute still took 4x as long), and stupid software being, well, stupid (DON'T TELL ME YOUR SOFTWARE INCLUDES DRIVERS AND THEN PUT IN FINE PRINT THAT I GOTTA GET THE SOURCE AND BUILD THEM MYSELF MMMMKAY?) life has been much less pleasant.

It's gotta get better though, right? When you're at the bottom of the bell curve every way you look is up isn't it? Or is it just an invitation to fill it with wine?

Comment from: odessa [Member] Email
My vote is with the wine. A big bell curve goblet of it.

Of course I think everything is better with wine.....
12/19/13 @ 13:43
Comment from: Lara [Member] Email
Wine is a good start. I also recommend pixelated exsanguination for its therapeutic value.
12/19/13 @ 16:47