Iraqi tRump Voter?

Seems like an orthogonal proposition doesn't it? An Iraqi voting for someone who clearly hates them? Doesn't matter their religion, not if you're Dickhead Donald, but I'm guessing they didn't think that one through.

More than 100 Iraqi Christians in Michigan are fighting deportation after being arrested in an immigration crackdown ordered by the Trump administration.

Most were detained for visa violations, including past criminal convictions, that had been ignored by US officials for years, even decades.

Many in the community supported Donald Trump's presidential campaign and say they never thought they would be targeted by raids.(BBC)

Do Iraqi Christians, some of them at least, are confounded that they're being deported. "My husband is confused, he feels he's american, he's been here forty years." And what? Didn't you realize that still doesn't take away the immigrant stink? Who cares HOW long you've been here, Dickhead doesn't.

im·mi·grant ˈiməɡrənt/Submit noun a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country

I have no sympathy for any Iraqi who voted for tRump and now finds their bags packed for them and a giant hand shoving them onto the next plane. You voted for hate. You voted for intolerance. Too bad you didn't look in a mirror LONG enough to realize that the person being hated, being targeted was someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU.

Bye. Maybe think next time?

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