Ingrid Duran: "I Hope To See More Women Die..."

Ingrid Duran hates her own gender. Thus far she's been pretty successful at mustering support for the restriction of women's rights, Nazi-collaborator style, to disenfranchise women over the control of their own bodies.

Ingrid is pretty much the definition of raw evil.

Ingrid Duran, director of state legislation at the National Right to Life Committee, said the model state laws drafted by her group are aimed at U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a swing vote who wrote the court's 2007 opinion upholding a federal ban on a procedure critics call partial-birth abortion.

She said the court could use similar reasoning to prohibit dilation and evacuation and noted it has never considered whether states have an interest in protecting fetuses from pain.

"We did draft these laws with the bigger picture in mind," Duran said (AP)

That bigger picture is the total enslavement of women to their organs. Rape? Doesn't matter. Incest? Totally ok. Fetal abnormality that ends in the immediate death of the fetus when it's born? Sure! Because it's not her suffering, her pain, the risk to her life. No, it's just some other faceless woman who she's more than happy to abuse for power, attention and religion.

Ingrid, fuck you. You're a hateful slut whose only goal in life is to enforce suffering on women and babies. Fuck you to hell.

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