Indiana: We Love Hate Crime, Come Commit Them Here

Indiana doesn't think that hate crimes exist. In fact they encourage you to come visit and assault the minority of your choice!

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Indiana will remain one of just five states without a hate crimes law after key lawmakers in the GOP-dominated Senate announced Tuesday that they were abandoning a bill targeting crimes motivated by bias.[..]

A deep thread of social conservatism runs throughout the state and lawmakers, headed into an election year, faced intense pressure from activists who argue that creating a hate crimes law would create a special protected class of victims.[..]

The bill by Glick, a former county prosecutor from LaGrange County, would have specifically allowed a judge to take into account whether a crime was motivated by someone's race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation or ethnicity. It would also require such crimes to be reported to the FBI. Currently, Indiana law enforcement agencies are not required to do so.

Keep in mind business were all for bringing Indiana into the modern age, because companies like Amazon, who were considering bringing investment to the state actually care about how the state manage it's moral and ethical responsibilities. Or, put in other words, Amazon and companies like Amazon don't want to be seen as supporting bigots, fascists and nazis.

But hey, Indiana GOP don't care about feelings n' shit, because only pussies cry about getting beat up. And putting the smack down on blacks, women, and muslims is totally in FASHION these days. So fuck that noise.

Of course I'm sure Amazon will notice and take their business elsewhere but then who cares if a few thousand jobs go to one of the 45 states that DO have laws against hate crimes. Poor and stupid. Two things that go together like Indiana and hate crimes.

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