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And the LAST thing a newly crowned DICKtater wants to hear is that not everyone wants him, not everyone loves him and that everyone KNOWS he cheated.

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkish President Erdogan rejects OSCE vote monitors' findings, tells group to 'know your place'

The vote monitors have proof that anti-Erdogan voters were prevented from voting, that unstamped votes in his favor were quietly accepted and that the ultra-slim margin that he won with is a total fraud.

That said, the disease continues to spread. People happily throwing away their rights and freedoms for the "myth" of a quieter, richer, more homogeneous life.

You poor, stupid, ignorant idiots. Now you can have a DICKtater for the next 10 fucking years...


Now You Have Hope?

Eight years of un-fucking America under the banner of "hope" and stupid hicks could only complain that a non-white person was President. Now they have the ultimate, privileged white-boy who suckered them in and suddenly they find "hope".

In his first budget blueprint since taking office, President Donald Trump held to his promise to build up the U.S. military while slashing domestic spending - even for programs that benefit the rural and lower-income Americans who voted for him last November.
"Some people might think it's a betrayal," said Eric Waara, the Republican city manager of the 7,000-person town of Houghton on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, who said he hoped the proposal was just a negotiating tactic. "I think that we all hope it's the first small step until something better."(AP)

It's not "hope" it's fucking delusion. These are people who voted for someone who HATES them, loathes the poor, detests anyone who isn't in the top tax bracket and still they have "hope". Hope for what? I'd like to know. That he'll keep his promises of eliminating your medical coverage? Taking away your food? Ensuring that the elderly pay more and receive less? That their rivers and streams fill up with cancerous mining run-off? It's not like Dickhead Donald didn't say he WASN'T going to do these things, he sure did and you morons STILL voted for him.

Wanna know what else I find funny? After 8 years of screaming and crying from the NRA about how guns were going to get taken away NOT A DAMNED THING HAPPENED (except, of course, that gun companies made a fuck-ton of money as people hoarded as fast as they could.) Now, of course, gun stocks are poo-poo.

My fellow tRump-voting americans, I have this to say to you: "You're fucking retarded." And... as always... enjoy your "win". The more of you die as a result of your own actions, the better off this nation will be, because you're not smart enough to make good choices for yourself, not to mention the rest of the nation. Better stock up on "hope", because that's all you've got left.


The Pre-K Vocab President

Challenge time kids! Take the next few "presidential" quotes and remove the following words: Great, Winning, Terrible, Bad, Love, Massive, Huge, Pathetic, Dumb, Stupid, Dope, Weak, Incompetent, Boring, Fool, Pathetic, Haters & Losers, Racist, Clown, Overrated, Disgusting, Goofy, Low-Rating, No-talent, Low life.

Do you know that would eliminate almost 2000 tweets? I say eliminate because just removing those words wouldn't actually render the content any more meaningless than it already is. It's basically a zero sum of intelligent communication either way, so removing those words basically means it's as if he never bothered to press send in the first place.

Yes the president is a knuckle-dragging, spit-drooling moron. JUST what his voters wanted. Totally making america huge and great with winning and without any massive, pathetic, dumb, stupid, dope, weak, incompetent, boring, pathetic haters and loser racist clowns, who are overrated and disgusting not to mention goofy because of their no-talent, low life, low-rating badness.

Also, apparently Dickhead Donald is too stupid to use a spell checker. Or an editor.

I didn't want a moron for a president. I have enough trouble with them being fellow citizens.


The Clown-Show Continues

Can you believe it's going to be FOUR fucking years of this (no bread) and circuses bullshit? I do. It's going to keep me fucking busy as hell.
Trump said for the first time Wednesday he accepts that Russia was behind the election-year hacking of Democrats that roiled the White House race. Looking ahead, he urged Congress to move quickly to replace President Barack Obama's signature health care law and insisted anew that Mexico will pay the cost of a border wall. He defiantly denied reports that Russia had collected compromising personal and financial information about him, lambasting the media for peddling "fake news" and shouting down a journalist from CNN, which reported on the matter. His family and advisers clapped and cheered him on throughout (AP)
Ok, so dickhead-in-chief-to-be finally admits when he can't hide any more that he had outside help to win. Outside meaning out of the US outside. Meaning, of course, Russia. Yes, that's right an american businessman with no prior political experience manages to buy himself the presidency with the help of a FOREIGN government. Can you imagine if it had been Hillary that had won with the help of a foreign power? No, you can't because as a woman, a white american woman, she came in second to an abusive, lying sack of shit who makes up whatever lies he likes and fuckheads would prefer a dishonest/asshole/male to a woman with the experience and ability to lead. Gods I love this country. So here we are, a president who can openly mock people with disabilities, who just vomits out whatever comes into his pea brain, who makes shit up and doesn't give a fuck. And somehow people ACTUALLY THINK he's going to care about them? Scratch that, they never thought, thinking was never involved.
"All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It's hard to find a great dress for this inauguration." -- Donald Trump "We have 200 dresses, if not more, in stock." -- Mae Shipe, owner of Mae's Dress Boutique "There's never been less demand for inaugural ball gowns in my 38 years." -- Peter Marx, owner of Saks Jandel
From little lies to big ones, Trump cannot be believed. Let's see how long he can lie for shall we? At some point the odds are really good that he's going to fuck up hard. And then we'll have a real, but qualified asshole in office. Would have been pretty funny if Trump had picked a woman for VP, ironic right?
Seriously asshole, what is wrong with you? Didn't you learn from last time or are you just another Retarded Kid (see last post).
FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 1 (UPI) -- An Obamacare statute designed to protect transgender people from healthcare discrimination has been struck down by a federal judge in Texas. The statute -- a rule written in accordance with the Affordable Care Act and enforced by regulators at Health and Human Services -- was also intended to protect access abortion services. "Plaintiffs claim the rule's interpretation of sex discrimination pressures doctors to deliver healthcare in a manner that violates their religious freedom and thwarts their independent medical judgment and will require burdensome changes to their health insurance plans on Jan. 1, 2017," U.S. District Court Judge Reed O'Connor wrote in his ruling.
Here let me show you how the door opens again: being transgender is LEGAL in the US, having an abortion is ALSO LEGAL in the US. Creating rulings that go against those rules will FAIL, waste time and money, cause unnecessary pain for many and result in more friction within the state. NONE OF THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS. So really Reed, you lost the last time, you're going to lose again. Why continue straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic? Doctors will treat how they treat, your "judgement" notwithstanding. Creating laws to infringe on doctor-patient privacy is BIG GOVERNMENT inserting itself into the PRIVACY of the population, something supposedly you're against. So fuck off, cocktard. And welcome to your new title: Asshole fuckwad shitstick moron cockwaffle douchemonkey the first, of 2017.

Incapable Not Unwilling

Let's say you had a kid and he kept running into the door instead of opening it. Let's also say that you spent time explaining why the door had a handle and that handle needed to be turned to unlatch the door and then you pulled (or pushed) with your hand to MOVE said impediment out of the way. You showed how once the physical impediment was removed then and only then the kid could move into the next room. Proud with your careful, patient and thorough explanation you step back to watch this kid apply what he has learned only to see him run face first into the next door and then throw himself on the floor screaming and bruised about why the door was evil and everyone who thought doors should exist were evil to. That my reader is the definition of a social conservative, who, like the kid described above, would basically be called a retard and put in a special school for humans who can't figure out even the most basic rules in life.
After the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, social conservatives turned to statehouses, seeking state laws to let businesses, pastors and government refuse services to LGBT people based on their religious objections to same-sex unions. Social progressives hoping to hold back that tide appealed to citizens' sense of equality and people's pocketbooks. Despite the political and economic repercussions that erupted in North Carolina, the American Civil Liberties Union expects an increase in statehouse proposals limiting LGBT protections in 2017. (AP)
Social conservatives are synonymous with the retarded kid I described above. These are people who are totally willing to spend money (note, not THEIR money but their STATE'S money) to bring attention to the issues that personally bother them. Doesn't matter that they won't win. Doesn't matter that it will cause more friction and tension within the state. Doesn't matter that most other civilized societies will be both appalled and repulsed. Doesn't matter that extreme ninnies with swastikas and confederate flags will be standing next to them. No, none of that matters because THEIR feelings are hurt and the whole world needs to know this. Kind of like the guy that just got elected. Yep it's the season of stupid, and we will be entertained by the most moronic, most idiotic, most selfish and loathsome people who now believe they have a platform to harangue from. And they do. Welcome to 2017, get your barf bag ready, it's going to be a season of suck.

I Don't Buy The Lie

Ok, so while Trump is howling about how the entire election is rigged against him (he'll sue, just wait) I've been trying to find out what the entire "crooked Hillary" thing is about. I've scanned several conseratroid websites and the results are not very satisfying. Here are the "lies" that have everyone so worked up: - She landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, which wasn't verified on the video - She left her job at the White House in debt, which was true but apparently not debt-enough to count - Her email server was "set up with the same security as typical servers", which was also probably true, but hey we all know that US servers are totally hackproof - She came from immigrant grandparents, and oops, only one was - She's concerned about the cost of college, which means that when she takes money to speak at colleges she's a hypocrite - She claims a long list of accomplishments, which is bs because being Secretary of State is easy-peasy It's interesting to note that not all websites hating on Hillary go after Benghazi. I'd guess the ones omitting this are a little more up to date, where she's been cleared multiple times of trying to deliberately mislead people. Still, it's easier for people to hold on to comfortable lies than read long and boring transcripts. For the most part even Congress has finally buried that horse. Yep, those are some lies. Worse than grabbing women's privates, mistreating your workers or not paying taxes when you're rich-as-fuck. I support that the "lying" label is just that, a label, sadly one that has stuck because really they don't have much else to stick her with. America isn't ready for a woman president, just the same as it wasn't ready for a Black president. All the myths propagated during the Obama elections turned out to be just that, but the thing is that people WANT to hate, they WANT to be afraid, they want that unifying threat... even when it doesn't exist. Honestly Bernie would have been a far greater threat to the established GOP, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that some members of the GOP have been deserting their candidate. And for those out there who want to hate on Hillary, go ahead, I'm sure she's used to it. Just like every other woman who ever dared to break the glass ceiling.
Hurricane truth-blogger Matt had plenty to say BEFORE hurricane Matthew hit (you can see two posts down if you need a refresher) but now that it HAS hit and people have died what's he got to say on his "cry wolf" posting?
"..." (Matt Drudge)
Because of course the reality is that scientists are scientists, not politicians, they're not lying when they make predictions, rather they're doing their job to the best of their abilities.
WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) -- Hurricane Matthew's rains triggered severe flooding in North Carolina on Sunday as the deteriorating storm made its exit to the sea, and thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes and cars. The death toll in the U.S. climbed to at least 15, nearly half of them in North Carolina. The storm was stripped of hurricane status just before daybreak, but the crisis - set off by more than a foot of rain - was far from over. "As the sun rises in North Carolina and the blue sky returns, our state is facing major destruction and, sadly, loss of life," Gov. Pat McCrory said as the effects of Saturday's deluge became clearer at daylight. Rivers and creeks overflowed, driving people from their homes and trapping others as much as 100 miles inland. The unofficial rainfall totals were staggering: 18 inches in Wilmington, 14 inches in Fayetteville and 8 inches in Raleigh.
I'm sure if he were to comment on the deaths it would be utterly dismissive "oh 15 deaths is no big deal, we get more than that in traffic accidents in one day." Or maybe he'd just double down, claiming that the destruction was all done on a movie set, the same way the Apollo landing was. Or perhaps he'd go for the black humor "they were probably all Democrats anyway, or illegal aliens, or both." So Matt, what'cha gotta say now fool? Anything at all? I guess the smartest thing you can do is shut your stupid face and not say anything at all.

Trumpettes: Sad Sluts

Really there's not much more to say than that. Honestly they're less of a cheer leading squad and more like a "BEWARE OF DOG" sign. Or bitches, if you prefer. Either way, one good look and any sane person is running the other way. You go ladies, please, keep going and don't stop.
Alive today? Easy: Angela Merkel From all history? Also easy: Maria Theresa It's not hard. If you have a brain.
Because "it's funny".
Immigration officials raided an Indian restaurant during a UK Independence Party conference dinner, sending the chef "running into the night".[..] No action was taken against the curry house, which had completed pre-employment checks. UKIP has long campaigned for tougher border controls to cut illegal immigration. Jay Beecher, a spokesman for Ms Duffy, said: "Watching our chef running away into the night, his apron flapping in the wind, was a surreal moment. "Politics can sometimes be such a stale and serous affair, so you have to see the funny side of things. "In this case too, I couldn't help [but] be tickled by the irony." (BBC)
"Oh ha ha, look at the poor Indian run away. Oh hilarity. We should make this into a commercial for our party." Jay in America we call your breed either a Trump or a fucking asshole. Yeah, it was REAL fucking funny to the poor guy working his balls off to serve your pasty white ass. Turns out he had full rights to be where he was, slaving for your meal but then you got some free entertainment out of it right? Seeing him run in fear past his colonial overlords. I bet that gave you a right good genetic giggle. I've got a great idea Jay, come on over to the US and head down south. You can get a taste of how one of your ex-colonies treats no-chin, turkey-necks like yourself. I'm sure those nice southerners would be more than happy to arrange an introduction to Mr. Shotgun while you're at it.

Pardon Me

Excuse you? No. There's no excuse for you.
NEW YORK (AP) -- National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden says it would "chill speech" and "erode the quality of our democracy" if he serves a long prison term in the U.S. Snowden spoke by video at a New York news conference Wednesday. Advocates, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, are launching a public campaign to persuade President Barack Obama to pardon him. Speaking from Moscow where he is in exile, Snowden said he performed a public service by giving thousands of classified documents to journalists in 2013. He says whistleblowers are "democracy's safeguard of last resort."
As one of the many hurt by Snowy's antics I harbor much ill-will towards this jerkwad. In no way do I want to see him get away with the misery he's imposed on those of us still working. I'll fucking BET he's had enough of Russia, and he wants home, Mummy and Daddy and a Big Mac. Thing is, asshole, if you WERE a whistleblower you didn't need to run to Russia for safety. Nor did you have to release the material to them first. Pardoning you has NOTHING to do with free speech. We still have it here, which GUESS THE FUCK WHAT, YOU DON'T HAVE NOW DO YOU. No Buddy, this is all about you, that's all it's ever been. You did dick for your "American People", dick for democracy, and that's all you deserve in return. (Apologies to R.)
Really, if it were up to her she would never have THOUGHT of making a profit off your misery. Because she's a nice person, really and truly.
"Capitalising on a horrible situation, that's what tugged at my heart," says Kim O'Connor, about the moral dilemma she faced over whether to make money out of the phone camera footage which has become one of the most-viewed viral videos of this year. In May she was visiting the Cincinnati Zoo with her family, when a three-year-old boy clambered over a fence, and fell into the gorilla enclosure occupied by Harambe, a 440lb silverback.[..] A slew of news organisations sought Kim's permission to use the footage, many of them offering money for an exclusive deal. She signed a contract with one of them, a company called ViralHog. That agreement meant that Kim was no longer deluged with direct requests for the footage - ViralHog took on the job of fielding them. It also earned Kim "tens of thousands" of dollars, she says (BBC)
So here's the thing, she says she was "trying to help" by telling people to remain calm and comforting the mom but... at the same time she was doing all this through the lens of her camera. So the question is, how interested was she really in helping, rather than seeing an opportunity? I think the answer is pretty clear. Kim saw a chance to grab something special. In the article she defends her profit as "well my friends told me to", or "Viral Hog told me to". She does everything except take responsibility for being a vulture looking to make a quick buck. Ok sure, people told you it was ok to be a greedy fuck, sure, that's fine, clearly they had your best interests at heart. But then Kim gets all sanctimonious with "God told me it was ok". Really Bitch?
"I prayed about it, and Ryan [at Viralhog] answered all the questions I had. So I just thought the whole thing was meant to be. It was fate. It was God's hand."
Let's see so you PRAYED about it and the SHITBAG MONEY-MAKER answered your questions. Gee Kim, doesn't seem like it was god that answered you at all, rather your greed answering you. Of course I have no problem when people own up to their human side. If she'd just been honest and said "yeah I saw a newsworthy event first hand and captured it" all would be fine. But being a lying sack of shit and saying "god told me to sell the clip for money"? Bitch please. That's just admitting you're a schadenfreude shithead.
Lisa Morrow is one pretty stupid cunt. Too bad she reproduced already.
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) -- Tourist John Gleason crept through the grass, four small children close behind, inching toward a bull elk with antlers like small trees at the edge of a meadow in Yellowstone National Park.[..] Washington state resident Lisa Morrow's son was among the children Gleason led toward the elk. Despite safety advisories - and numerous examples of visitors getting gored by bison, mauled by bears and chased by elk - Morrow declared herself unafraid of the park's wildlife. She said she was eager to see a grizzly up close. "I want to see one right there," Morrow said, pointing to a spot just feet away. "I'd throw it a cookie."
I too would like you to see a Grizzly less than ten feet away and yes I too would like to see you throw it a cookie. Preferably in a bikini and covered in honey because frankly you are one of the STUPIDEST CUNTS IN AMERICA. You are a waste of space and air. Way to put your child at risk because no one gives a fuck about your sorry, retarded ass. Goddamn. Of course when Jr. DOES get his face chewed off it will be the government's fault for not protecting him from the STUPID SHIT HIS PARENTS LET HIM DO. I have a great idea Lisa, why not let him play on the highway? Better yet, you go first.

Senator Ron Johnson: Dolt

I sincerely hope that every college-educated person who voted for this imbecile will realize their mistake. And not make the same one twice.
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has an idea for making colleges cheaper - ditch the instructors and start playing online videos for students.[..] "Why do you have to keep paying different lecturers to teach the same course? You get one solid lecturer and put it up online," Johnson said. "If you want to teach the Civil War across the country, are you better off having, I don't know, tens of thousands of history teachers, who, you know, kind of know the subject? Or would you be better off popping in 14 hours of Ken Burns' Civil War tape and having those teachers proctor based on that excellent video production already done? You keep duplicating that over all these different subject areas."
Fucking BRILLIANT Ron. Why the hell should we have ANY teachers in education at all? Just give your goddamn pre-k kid a tablet and show them how to launch YouTube and let society take over. Think of how educated and useful your kid will be. They'll know how to apply makeup and how to dance Brittany, but when left to their own I'm sure every kid would pick a Civil War documentary over Spongebob memes. Goddamn you're a fucking moron Ron. You can't replace the human aspect of teaching in ANY subject, history, economics or medicine. Of course I'm totally willing to let you prove me wrong. How about you let me watch a few surgery videos and let me have a go the next time you're in the hospital. After all, if watching a video is the best way to learn I'm sure you'd have no problems with my doing your next colonoscopy. Just don't blame me if I get the wrong end to put the scope in. They don't show that part on the video.
I was torn between putting this in the "asshole" vs. "idiot" category so I went with both.
Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby has been sent home from the Rio Olympics after refusing to shake the hand of Israeli Or Sasson following the end of their bout, the International Olympic Committee said on Monday. El Shehaby, who was sent home by his own team, lost the fight on Friday and was reprimanded by the IOC for his actions. The athlete said he did not want to shake hands with an Israeli, nor was he obliged to do so under judo rules, but the IOC said his behavior went against the rules and spirit of the Olympic Games and the rules of fair play.[..] "Shaking the hand of your opponent is not an obligation written in the judo rules. It happens between friends and he's not my friend," El Shehaby said after his bout. (Reuters)
El Shabby is a dumb motherfucker and it's a pity Egypt gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his stupidity on the world stage. Clearly he missed the part in his training where they explained the meaning of respect. Respect to his opponent, his host, the audience and the sport. Since he couldn't figure that simplest of ideas out he clearly deserves none in return. I'd be surprised if Shabby ever returned to another Olympics. In fact it would be an absolute pity. He doesn't understand the spirit of the games nor the dignity of competition. Jackass. Go home and stay home so you don't embarrass your country or yourself ever again.
I think it should be allowed for every person who finds selfie takers and most specifically those using those odious self-sticks to beat said self-taker senseless with either their phone or preferably the stick. I mean for FUCK sake people of COURSE you were there, the bloody picture is on your phone. No one needs to see your ugly mush in each image. Bleh.