I'm Not Racist, I'm Just Bad At Pronunciation

Yep, another dick-brained excuse from yet another dick-brained GOP trog. Introducing *drum roll* Florida Fucktard Frank Artiles.

A Florida state senator has apologised to his African-American colleagues after insulting them and using a racial slur during a bar-room chat with them.
Miami Republican Frank Artiles spoke on the floor of the Florida Senate on Wednesday, saying "no one deserves to be spoken to like that".[..]
During Monday night's discussion, Mr Artiles reportedly sought to justify his use of the n-word, insisting he intended a slang pronunciation that he thought was not offensive. (BBC)

Because there's a RIGHT way to call someone a nigger? No, actually there's not. But there is a great way to lose all cred and get your ass removed from any serious discussion. Here's hoping Frankie loses his job for revealing what he really thinks about women and African-Americans.

And also hon, it's NOT ok to call a fellow senator a "bitch" to her face. Just in case that part was unclear...

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