I HATE the New Google Maps

I love the ORIGINAL Google maps. I find everything intuitive. From the placement of the little yellow guy to how to get directions. Then google decided to screw that all up. No matter how many times I type in "", I get redirected to it's evil spawn, "".

What don't I like, let me count the ways:

- I don't have the functions where I like them. They are stuffed down on the bottom.

- Switching from "earth view" to "street view" gives me a serious case of vertigo. It triggered a migraine. People with seizures might want to be careful.

- Coming out of "street view" was almost as bad. The least Google could do is send out barf bags for the folks they make ill.

- The little compass thing isn't as helpful as the little mini-map in the corner. Mind you, I already had a migraine and was feeling nauseous so trying to figure out which direction I was facing wasn't working very well.

- Finding how to get back to the original version was not easy. By the way, click the "?" on left side of the lower tool bar and click the bottom option.

If I could have stood using the new version longer, I may have found a few more things to hate. Thankfully I was able to bail, and did. Please, Google, have some mercy.

P.S. I would have told Google directly about this, but I was required to log in. I don't use my Google email much and I don't remember my password. And making me feel like puking isn't a memory aid.

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Comment from: Lara [Member] Email
Oddly enough, I've been testing the new version for a while now and kept getting frustrated that I couldn't find features that I really wanted to. The most egregious being that I couldn't view traffic patterns at a specific date and time. Yet after reading your post, I open maps and find that said functionality from the old version has finally made it into the new and is now easier to access.

Guess the user experience just boils down to what you're used to. For me it's a positive change (thankfully no vertigo here). That said, the changes to the mobile version *still* have me swearing when I need to use GPS. Go figure, right?
12/26/13 @ 16:29