I feel pretty and witty and ...

Just to be difficult and different, I'm going to start writing about light-hearted topics I find fun.  (Boom, professional smiley bitches)

For my first foray into frivolity, I want to discuss one of my favorite TV shows I rarely talk about. Gilmore Girls. Cheesy ass theme song aside, this is a really good show.

This brings up an interesting fact about me, by the way. Besides for liking dick (and possibly the West Side Story joke in the title connected to this fact, referencing the moving of course) my fondness for the Gilmore Girls is probably the gayest thing about me.

But I digress. This show makes me happy. I relate very strongly to one of the main characters (Paris Geller). While people who know me may disagree, she closely matches how I view myself... for better and for worse. Disdain for most people, stupid indiscretions, fierce passion, and often perceived arrogance that is really self-doubt and insecurity in disguise. If I could magically change into one person, it'd probably be Paris. She is the unfiltered me; how I would act if I truly didn't give a fuck about people (too bad I do).

So here's my multimedia tribute, a decent compilation of some great Paris Geller antics.


PS, all 153 episodes are on Netflix and the revival (four 90 minute episodes) is coming November 25th. I can't wait.

PSS, Tie your tubes idiot

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