How Many Bullets Is That?

This evening, on my bike ride home, which ended just minutes ago, I...

1. Crossed a busy street, against the light, through rush hour traffic and in front of two cops. I had mis-read the light when traffic slowed in on one side and had cleared on the other. I should've been hit. Seriously hit.

2. Almost plowed into a cyclist in the oncoming lane of the trail when I tried to pass a slower cyclist in front of me. Our rate of speeds blocked the oncoming cyclist from my view and I barely missed him.

3. Almost ran down a jogger as he and oncoming pedestrians did the "bread n butter" and I was going way too fast. I think I pissed him off by riding my brakes up until the last minute and swerving around him when the coast was clear.

4. Passed two more cops (the fuzz was out due to recent crime on the trail) who I thought might be looking for me from point number 1.

5. Had a stand off with a driver who violently waved me across an intersection despite backed-up traffic meaning that the other lane would not be able to see me, and cars were approaching.

6. Waited for traffic to my left to clear/stop before crossing another street, only to have the driver in the opposing lane, who was waiting, get tired of waiting and drive on when my wheels hit the crossing.

7. Passed a third cop on a bike coming towards me. He was slowing down. Once again I was paranoid from point number one.

It sucks when one of the things you really enjoy leaves such a bad taste in your mouth. At least I dodged all of those bullets.

Comment from: u235 [Member] Email
I guess the only one that matters is the last one. Time to re-up your good luck charm though.
06/29/11 @ 19:16
Comment from: LV [Visitor]
RE: #5...that's a pet peeve of mine for any type of vehicle. Just because one guy is nice doesn't mean the coast is clear or that you can even *see* the lane next to him or get to a safe spot beyond him. I much prefer to take such risks into my own hands rather than some good samaritan who isn't seeing the big picture.

It fits into the general pet peeve: "If you can't see where you're going, there's not a single traffic law that demands you have to go. Wait until you can see, fucker!"
07/02/11 @ 10:33