Horny Teachers

Ok so some of these hot horny teachers have been popping up in the news again. You know the ones.. the ones messing with their 14, 15 and 16 yr old male students. These women are being portrayed by the media as being 'sick', requiring 'help' and that we should study them so we can better learn about the human psyche. Gee lets feel sorry for them as they need our help.

Now, you realize that if the genders were reversed these teachers would be portrayed in the media as pedophiles requiring immediate castration, registration in the sexual offender system, special state vehicle plates that say WEFUKEMYOUNG and a fine of 10 trillion dollars.

What I'd like to know is where all these hot horny teachers were when I was in school. Why wasnt I abused by my hot 8th grade teacher? hmm?

Comment from: Roulette [Member] Email
Certainly not in my school.

As for the main topic, you're right. It's a BS double standard. He's a perv, she's just disturbed.
04/28/06 @ 00:22
Comment from: Larathiel [Visitor]
Man, it was every guy's fantasy when I was growing up to score the hot teacher... and most of these parents are from the same generation that I am. HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN THEIR ROOTS?!

/me teaches a new generation an old mantra, "Kill the band, kill Your parents THEN kill Yourself..."
04/28/06 @ 00:32
Comment from: u235 [Member] Email
The difference is because of who the victims usually are. In 100% of the publicized cases of female teachers screwing their students it's teen boys. Think for one second how the press would react if it were a female teacher and a female student. Seriously. I would bet that the press would react in exactly the same way (maybe even worse) than they do about a male teacher.

It's because women, in particular girls, are objectified. There is still a Taliban-esque attitude of protection towards young girls that no one in the world has for young boys. Little girls are victims, fragile, sensitive, easily taken advantage of - nice mistique. The honest truth is that teen girls are far more mature and worldly than teen boys and KNOW what the fuck they're doing and what they want.

Very few people want to acknowledge this.

Until there is equality in how we treat the genders from the start - there will always been leniency for women rather than men.
04/28/06 @ 08:55