Hey Harvey Come Back, You Missed One!

Ken Paxton didn't get swept away. He should have. Because he's filth.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who led a group of Republican states in a threat to challenge Daca, applauded the president's decision.

"Had former President Obama’s unilateral order on Daca been left intact, it would have set a dangerous precedent, " Mr Paxton said in a statement. (BBC)

I'm unclear what the "dangerous precedent" is that Ken-tard is referring to. These are children and future contributors to the nation of immigrants called America. I'm equally unclear as to why it's a "good thing" to throw 800,000 young children out of the only home they know.

What IS clear is the hypocrisy when it comes to using children as a political tool, without any thought or honorable intention in mind: outlawing abortion is ok even though it produces unwanted babies who will be a burden on the state, damning living children to a life of poverty and hell in a land where they can't even speak the language is A-OK!

The GOP seems to love evil, probably because they love themselves and they love themselves some guns and money more than they love anything else. Their lack of civility, lack of compassion, lack of humanity is cloaked under religious and political rhetoric, justifying hatred and suffering by saying "god, law and the public approves."

Well fuckers god is a myth, law is what you make it and the public DOES NOT FUCKING APPROVE.

Horribad president continues to be horribad. And Ken-tard? When you wonder why your state doesn't have the manpower to clean up and repair over the years to come, I hope you remember the day celebrated today. I also hope the next hurricane drops a ten ton block of mud on your house.


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