Have Fun But Be Politically Correct

My supervisor of ten years is retiring. I like the guy. He the only person in the office that has been there longer than me. In those early days we were an irreverent bunch. And there was certainly shades of sexism around. One manager would organize social events that were specifically for men only, even those guys he didn't like much. He did that until I and several women from the office crashed the event (a hockey game). For all the naughtiness and behavior that would be considered inappropriate in today's office atmosphere, we seemed to like each other. Little practical jokes would break up the tension when things were stressful. Parties and happy hours were fun. No one seemed to mind the shenanigans. No one worried about offending anyone else because we all had pretty thick skins. People who stepped over the line and made it personal were called out pretty quickly. Now things are different. Very different. We have periodic preventing sexual harassment training, hostile work place training. We're still a bit more relaxed than other offices we interact with, but we are far more subdued than we used to be. A retirement party should be fun. It should be a time to reflect on the retiree's accomplishments and history, even when that history doesn't fit with today's overly puritanical sensitivities in office environments. However, an edict came down from upper management that my supervisor's retirement party needs to politically correct. No roasting. No perverted gag gifts. No pictures from the bad old days. Blah, blah, blah. In other words, have fun, just not too much fun lest some of our old demons come sneaking out. I suppose we will manage to have fun, we'll just have to make sure it is out of the old Nannies earshot.
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Correction. Any event held during work hours must meet company PC requirements. Which is why we’ve always gone to a bar after work for the real shindig.
10/08/13 @ 06:01
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Actually it is being held at a local watering hole off-site. I didn’t make that clear originally. Sometimes the lines of “office” are blurred for us. We will be off the clock. We are all chipping in for libations and snacks. Doesn’t matter. We are a tight group, so HR and management will be there. Therefore, gotta be PC
10/08/13 @ 13:59