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About 1,300 US children under the age of 17 die from gun-related injuries per year, a government study has found.

Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also found that guns seriously wounded about 5,800 children each year.

Researchers also pointed out that children were rarely injured or killed by guns in other developed countries. In fact, more than 90% of all children ages 14 and up who were killed by guns in high-income countries resided in the US (BBC)

Go on. You tell me. Why is this ok? Is your desire to own a gun more important than all these children? And if you say "It's not me, not my guns" then you're just another delusional fucker refusing to take the credit you're due.

You don't need a gun. Unless you're law enforcement, you don't NEED a gun.

And all those kids? They didn't need a bullet.


Well the GOP wanted more bullets. Guess they got them. I may have to readjust my perspective, after all if EVERY woman were to carry a gun there would probably be a lot less rape and a lot less men in prison for domestic abuse.

A picture is building of the prime suspect in the shooting ambush on Republican congressman at a baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

James T Hodgkinson, who shot and wounded congressman Steve Scalise and injured four others, was carrying an assault rifle and pistol, according to authorities.

Five people including two police officers were taken to Washington DC-area hospitals. Hodgkinson died in the firefight with the congressional security detail. (BBC)

Now, of course, there are GOP senators stating how they'll carry a gun on their person at ALL times, even sliding into second base. But why stop there? So many shootings means that EVERYONE needs to be armed at ALL times! Men, women, children, women having children, nurses, doctors, senators, even the nice little old librarian. Because guns, guns, GUNS!

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A UPS employee opened fire inside one of the company's package delivery facilities in San Francisco on Wednesday, killing three co-workers and then himself as officers closed in and workers ran frantically into the streets, police and company officials said.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Police say a man has been shot in the ankle near the Barclays Center in New York City

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- A toddler who was shot in the head while riding in a car with her mother and brothers in Tennessee has died, police said Wednesday.

DRAPER, Utah (AP) -- Police in Utah investigated an anonymous tip about a man who wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend and himself just before he killed the woman and her son

Guns, if we can't live peacefully without them then everyone will just have to carry one all the time. From highschool football games (the ref might need one to protect himself from an angry parent) to girls scouts selling cookies (someone might try and steal them) to trips to Disneyland (there might be a terrorist hiding in the Tunnel of Love) we all need guns, all the time, every minute of the day.

And when accidents happen? Or someone murders an elementary school full of kids? Well, just chalk that up to conspiracy because they're trying to murder the second amendment!

Next up: Overthrowing the gub'mint with ur own Uzi, two good buddies, a pickup truck and a dog.


I mean his sons survived right? So everything's ok, right?

HOBART, Ind. (AP) -- Prosecutors have filed neglect and reckless homicide charges against the father of a 9-year-old northwestern Indiana girl shot to death when his firearm accidentally discharged [..]

The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports family members told police the father was showing a firearm to Olivia and her brothers Saturday afternoon when it discharged, striking the girl in the head.

I've got nothing. You know where I stand. And you know I'm not ignoring yet another, stupid, avoidable gun-related death.


Those two things don't go well together but hey, let's face facts, Americans love their guns far more than they love their kids. In fact if they had to do without one of the two the population would drop like a rock.

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. (AP) -- Police say a 4-year-old boy fatally shot his mother's boyfriend in eastern Arkansas.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Police in Tennessee say a toddler apparently shot a 7-year-old cousin to death at an apartment.

No one expects a seven or a four year old to have a fucking clue about how to properly handle a gun, but in both cases loaded weapons were left within their reach. It's no surprise that with all the NRA-fed gun frenzy that's been going on since Obama was elected that kids are getting their hands on weapons, nor the results.

But the NRA and the GOP would have you believe that its your RIGHT to have so many guns and keep them so insecurely that shit like this becomes so common that no one even cares any more. It's just a kids game now. For great big kids who never, ever want to grow up. And for some who never will.


Florida is awash in guns and yet somehow people die there every day from "criminals". I'm still waiting to see a case where an attacker is gunned down before he can harm anyone, the way the NRA says it works. But in reality it doesn't.

A disgruntled US employee walked back into the factory that fired him and fatally shot five ex-colleagues, before killing himself, police say.

John Robert Neumann, 45, was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and hunting knife when he entered the business near Orlando, Florida, on Monday morning.

The US army veteran was sacked in April, police say.

There is no suggestion he was a member of a subversive or terrorist organisation, they add.(BBC)

So really, where were all those guns saving people? It's a "stand your ground" state isn't it? Shouldn't at least ONE person have had a gun and been able to shoot back? I mean the more guns around, the more likely someone pissed off person is going to start shooting. Isn't the logic that the only deterrence is to have MORE guns and MORE bullets flying to make everyone MORE safe? Well why didn't that happen here?

Maybe because that's not really how it works. Maybe because unless you're an officer you're not trained to whip out a gun and shoot someone accurately when everything is on the line. Maybe because MORE guns ISN'T the solution and just keeping guns out of everyone's hands is a better solution.


I used to doubt that I'd ever go to Florida for a holiday. I don't doubt any more.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Lucy McBath is afraid many more people will die if Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs a bill making it harder to prosecute when people claim they commit violence in self-defense.[..]

The measure before Scott would effectively require a trial-before-a-trial whenever someone invokes self-defense, making prosecutors prove the suspect doesn't deserve immunity.

Scott hasn't revealed his intentions, but he's a National Rifle Association supporter, and this is an NRA priority.

Rick likes guns and, apparently, hates his citizens. In his world, or state if you prefer, the more dead Floridians, the better. Less welfare, less social services. Also less African-Americans since they're scary, which means they're shot more often by white people who can walk away after saying they were scared. It's pretty much that simple. Two people walk down the street, one dies after being shot by the other. There's only one story to be told, isn't there? Now kangaroo courts will rubber stamp any Caucasian who says "that black guy scared me" and justice will never see the light of day. And the NRA will use it as a new standard to sell more bullets.

Florida? Nah, I don't need to go there. Let them kill each other all they like. Maybe it'll make for less voters.


Because guns solve EVERYTHING.

Ha. Not.

May 22 (UPI) -- A South African hunter was crushed to death by an elephant that was shot in western Zimbabwe, the nation's national wildlife authority said.

Theunis Botha "unknowingly got in the middle of a breeding herd of elephants with several calves" in the Gwayi conservancy Friday and was trampled to death, Zimparks acting spokesperson Simukai Nyasha said Sunday to News24.

The elephant was shot as she picked him up with her trunk, before she fell and died, crushing Botha, according to Netwerk 24.

Can you imagine someone walking into a group of mothers and babies and trying to hurt one of them? Doesn't matter the breed, genus or species, he's a fucking DEAD man. Not that there's any room in the world for Great White Hunters making money from killing endangered species. Certainly not in 2017. The fact that he was crushed by the elephant that was shot was also wonderfully poignant.

The days of Bwana-go-trophy-hunting are past. It's entertainment, if you can call it that, for the ignorant and mentally-challenged.

Well, at least they won't have to have him embalmed, now will they?


Ok, Stupid Slut DeVos needs to go.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reiterated her push for school choice during an annual education technology conference in Utah Tuesday, comparing the issue to being able to switch between phone service providers.

She said there are many great cell phone companies, but people have the option to pick which one they want to use.

Because your kid's future is EXACTLY the same thing as your cell phone bill. Gods what a stupid twat. There's really no explaining to a billionaire bitch why we need public education. So why bother? It's going to be more asinine drivel for another 3+ years. Next!

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Texas lawmakers are advancing a proposal to license family immigrant detention centers as child care providers.

The state Senate voted 20-11 Tuesday to give preliminary approval to a bill that would allow Texas to license two family lockdowns, despite a past state court ruling that such facilities do not meet minimum requirements to care for kids. The measure would enable detention facilities to hold families for prolonged stays, which advocates say could physically and psychologically harm children.

Yes, Texas found another way to help their prisons earn money! By incarcerating whole families and then claiming credits as child care. Imagine, what a great way for kids to learn and grow, behind bars in a cement box.

America the loathesome. It's not a great time or place to be a kid.


45 says he's the NRA's friend. I don't think the NRA needs any more friends.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Police say a 14-year-old girl was fatally shot on the front lawn of a church near her middle school in Alabama.

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A gunman distraught over a recent breakup calmly reclined in a pool chair as he shot strangers at a birthday party and phoned his ex-girlfriend so she could hear the gunfire and screams of terror, San Diego police said Monday.

Of course guns don't kill it's criminals who kill. Only it wasn't a criminal who was shooting up the pool party or the 14 year old girl. These are people who weren't criminals...yet. But they still managed to kill, didn't they? I wish america would get over the stupid slogans and war of words over something that's too accessible and too easy to use.

No one needs a gun. And 14 year old girls don't need to die either.


He's at it again.

"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end."

- Dickhead Donald

What eight year assault? I dare you to show me ANYthing that the federal government did to impinge on the second amendment rights for sane, legal, honest gun owners. ANYthing.

You can't can you? Because Obama didn't actually DO anything to limit access and ownership to guns. Even when a school full of elementary school kids died because a Mom wanted to "bond" with her insane son by buying his attention with automatic weapons NOTHING FUCKING CHANGED.

Yeah, making america safe, better, greater, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Dickhead Donald is all right on top of that. Like a fly on shit.


Guns, guns, lots of guns, everyone with guns, has ones to kill... Sing it with me now!

A Chicago man fatally shot his 22-year-old son after an argument over who would walk the dog erupted into a gunfight between them, say police. (BBC)

Guns + temper = dead. Unfortunately there's no way to eliminate temper from humans, but having a gun is a choice, not a necessity for the typical person at home.

And then someone you love or loved or didn't even know at all winds up dead in the time it takes not to think and pull the trigger.

Guns, guns, lovely guns, so much funz...


Because EVERY toddler should have a gun.

DELTONA, Fla. (AP) -- A woman who left her child unattended in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Florida church's school has been charged with felony child neglect after the 3-year-old boy found her loaded handgun and pulled the trigger, sheriff's deputies said.

PHOENIX (AP) -- The parents of a 9-year-old boy who was shot in the head in their Phoenix home put off calling 911 as they cleaned up evidence in multiple rooms of the house, police said Wednesday, calling it a case that "shocks your conscience."

It's tRump-merica! Everyone should have a gun! Every single person, including babies and fetuses. Because GUNS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

Except for dead people. But they don't count.


NRA has a message for Trump supporters: "it's ok to shoot anyone that disagrees with you."

The head of the National Rifle Association says conservatives should stand up for themselves if "the violent left brings their terror into our communities."
Wayne LaPierre spoke Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he showed videos of violent protesters. He asked the crowd if they were ready to take on the left.
LaPierre said: "Show them you won't submit. We will not be intimidated."
He says members of the NRA helped President Donald Trump win the election, that "Americans wanted a fire, and we got one."
He also argues the media is a threat, saying, "You're not going to win, and you will not defeat us."(AP)

So, it's not about the right to bear arms to overthrow the government, it's to ENFORCE government views on those who disagree. Put another way it's a declaration of war against the majority who voted against an evil, lying, psychotic, sack of shit. And anyone who dares protest, who considers using the same angry rhetoric that made the Tea Party Fuckwads so popular are now targets because tRump won.

It's not hard to understand why Dickhead Donald is now one of the least popular presidents in American history, with douche nozzles like this one agitating an already divided nation to further violence. This is the vision of an america for "all people"? No, it's a vision of armed-mob anarchy, something we're sliding towards with so much speed it's frightening.


Because it's a GOOD thing to put guns into the hands of the certifiably insane.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress on Wednesday sent President Donald Trump legislation blocking an Obama-era rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of certain mentally disabled people.
On a vote of 57-43, the Senate backed the resolution, just one of several early steps by the Republican-led Congress to undo regulations implemented by former President Barack Obama. The House had passed the measure earlier this year. The White House has signaled Trump will sign the legislation.
The Obama rule would have prevented an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm.

It's hard to understand why the GOP feels the need to enable crazy fuckers to own guns, especially when there's documented history of crazies being the ones who have used said weapons to kill as many people as they can. Such as children. But no, the NRA wants to enable everyone and anyone to have a gun to kill, kill, kill. Because killing is cool or something. And no, it's not about self defense because certified wack jobs like Lanza and Holmes weren't being threatened by elementary school kids or a theater full of moviegoers, really not.

I'm pretty sick of the whole "I need a gun" bullshit. No, no you fucking don't. You don't need a gun. ESPECIALLY if you're stupid-crazy. Wanna hunt? Sure, go nuts. But you don't need a pistol or an AR for that. Going to overthrow the government? Right, go ahead try it and get back to me on that too. Because someone is going to invade your home and take you hostage?

The ratio for 2012, per the Violence Policy Center, was one justifiable killing for every 32 murders, suicides or accidental deaths (the ratio increases to 38-1 over the five-year period ending in 2012). (LA Times)

Yeah the statistics don't support that. You're more likely to shoot a family member or just fuck up and shoot yourself instead. But hey, the GOP loves sucking NRA dick because John Wayne and Clint Eastwood ok?

What a fucking stupid way to govern.


Guns! Hur, Hur, Hur.

Yep, totally her fault. She should have known better.
A Florida woman has died after being shot by a homeowner while searching the neighbourhood for her lost dog. The victim, Rebecca Rawson, 65, was fatally injured after approaching the armed householder's home on Tuesday night, say sheriff's officials. As her relative knocked on the door, Eugene Matthews, 83, emerged firing a handgun, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Ms Rawson was taken to a local hospital, where she died. Officials say that Ms Rawson and her daughter waited in their car as her brother-in-law knocked on Mr Matthew's door to ask if he had seen their dog. Police say Mr Matthews opened his door and started shooting at the family. (BBC)
Gene was CLEARLY being threatened! Omg! Who wouldn't have done the same? Fuck that woman. Fuck her dog. How DARE They come on to his property and ring the doorbell! Guns make everything better. Don't they?
Now even liberals are arming themselves against bigotry, hate and bullets.
Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs - and even start preparing for the collapse of society. (BBC)
During the election Pro-Trumpers stood outside of election venues armed with large guns. They were on display everywhere, and to anyone who says that wasn't a sign of intimidation, well bald-faced lying was a big part of Trump's strategy, one the voting public seems ok with. So when faced with threats of death and a leader who couldn't give a fuck about who gets hurt and why it's not too surprising to see even those who loathed guns changing their mind. I get it, I truly do, in fact the same strategy of projectile-vomiting hate and unsubstantiated facts has been surprisingly cathartic. I mean why should *I* fact check? Why should *I* be the one trying to tone down the rhetoric? Guns and hate are the new code of the day. Fear and intimidation are holding hands and skipping along right behind. Ok, well down the hatch, time to welcome our new overlords. Just remember, it's every man for himself now and don't go banging on your liberal neighbor's door asking for a stick of butter because if you get shot in the face, well, tough on you.
You know it took me decades to figure out the GOP strategy on guns: abortion is bad BECAUSE we need extra babies to make up for the ones that die due to poor gun handling.
The findings: During the first six months of this year, minors died from accidental shootings - at their own hands, or at the hands of other children or adults - at a pace of one every other day, far more than limited federal statistics indicate. (AP)
So let's figure, 365 divided by two, so roughly 180+ kids dying a year. If we relax gun laws, make ownership easier and remove regulations on storing and locking totally maybe we can bump that up to one dying every day. Hmmm, given that there's roughly 700k abortions per year we're going to have to work a LOT harder than that. Maybe once Trump is in office and we legalize rape and repeal the 19th AND ban abortion we can start making a real dent in that number. Vote Trump! Guns and pregnancy for all!