Glenn Taylor and David Hall, Undoing Nature

We humans alter our landscape on many areas on this planet. However, we have left a few areas as natural as they can be and called them parks. The thought is to let other people see the world as Mother Nature / God created and scupled it. At Goblin Valley State Park, Glenn Taylor and David Hall took it upon themselves to move a rock that has been perched precariously for several millenium. All in the name of "safety". They feared that after 200 million years that rock was going to break free at just that instant and crush some kid.

“We decided the best thing and smartest thing is, push it over so it can’t fall on top of somebody,” Hall told the news station.

I feel so much safer knowing that geniuses like these walk among us. I hope some prestigious university steps forward and gives them both  honory doctorates in geology, civil engineering, and paleontology because clearly they are superior problem solvers. Yes, that was sarcasm.

Now they may face felony charges  

Now repeat after me boys and girls, when we are in parks, like Goblin Valley, we take only memories (or pictures) and leave only footsteps. Say it nice and loud so Glenn and David can hear you.

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Dave and Glenn are a douchebags. If they really had any concerns the right action was to notify the park service, not destroy an artifact that belonged to the public. I hope that the state fines Douchebag Dave and Glenn a hefty sum AND that the Boy Scouts fire their asses, since they set a rotten example for scout leaders.
10/18/13 @ 17:34