Get Your Mass Murder Devices Before They're Sold Out

Actually if you're reading this, they already are sold out.

The challenge for gun rights supporters is a bump-stock ban opens the door for a new debate about where to draw the line over limiting a firearm's lethality. For decades it's been at how many bullets can be fired with one trigger pull.

Bump-stocks blur that line. Can you outlaw a device that helps squeeze off rounds more quickly but not think about prohibiting quick-change magazines or limiting their sizes? Or banning pistol grips, which make firing easier?

It won't take many Republicans, with the NRA looking over their shoulder, to grind the process to a halt. (BBC)

Bump stocks. The only reason to have one is because you're a fucktard who wants to murder a whole lot of people. That said, there are a LOT of fucktards out there because as of this writing you can't buy a bump-stock to save your life (little joke there). For those who don't know, bumpstocks circumvent laws to prevent ownership of automatic weapons by making the gun slam back and forth in your hands so fast that you don't need to pull the trigger. The backlash of the weapon firing does that for you. And because there's no physical mechanism pulling the trigger, it's not technically illegal.

Although anyone who designed, marketed and built a business around such a device is as evil as Hitler, anyone who BUYS such a device is even more evil because no one, NO ONE NEEDS A BUMP-STOCK BECAUSE IT SERVES NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE EXCEPT TO COMMIT MASS MURDER.

Great, we're clear on that. In fact it's so clear even the usually truculent NRA is "open to considering" a ban on these devices even if they're not open to consider bans on other gun accessories that allow one person to spray a crowd with bullets.

America has a problem with guns and more guns and more bullets is NOT the answer. It's like giving a dunk person an open bar, when they're shitfaced giving them more booze is NOT the answer. But the NRA is powerful, they have money and conservatives depend on them to malign and threaten their opponents.

It's 2017. No one NEEDS a gun any more. And against a guy with a bump-stock, your gun isn't going to do you any good anyway.

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