Galila Othman Is A Fat Slut

Actually I don't know her, but since she's so keen to toss the shade I figure why not share?

CAIRO (AP) -- The union of Egyptian flight attendants on Monday angrily responded to criticism by a lawmaker over the weight and age of some female attendants employed by the national carrier, saying her comments amounted to discrimination.

In a statement, the union said lawmaker Galila Othman's time would be put to better use if she stops "offending working people" and instead helps them deal with their concerns.

The chief job requirement for flight attendants is medical fitness, said the statement.

Othman requested this week that the civil aviation minister face questions in parliament regarding the appearance and "proper weight" of female EgyptAir flight attendants.

I mean it's not like women in the Middle East have an easy time of it, but then stupid twat-faced cuntbags like Galilia feel entitled to take a dump on the steaming pile of shit that they have to put up with already.

And she's a "law maker"? Somehow her behavior doesn't scream "intellectual" to me. But then she's a fat slut, so I guess, nothing to be surprised at after all.

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