Fuck Dubai

The story in a nutshell: French boy is raped by locals. The Dubai government tells him and his family to shut up about it or they'll throw the boy in prison for being a homosexual. In addition one of the rapists tested positive for AIDS, something they neglected to tell the parents for months. After threatening the family and eventually facing outrage from France itself Dubai is making some mutterings about it being a "crime". The mother has taken out a website and started a page. Feel free to show your support: boycottdubai.com
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Cops asking for sexual favors from men? And I thought that Arabs weren’t gay. http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/10/31/africa/dubai.php You can take a sow and put it in a pretty dress, but it is still a sow. Dubai tries to make itself look like a progressive Western nation, but it is still just a back water, camel fucking, waste land.
11/01/07 @ 20:11
Comment from: Bob  
I am Arab, but there’s a difference between the Arabs of the Levant (who have a mediterranean culture) and the scumbag local Arabs of Dubai. The local population of Dubai are ignorant, backwards, hypocrotical, arrogant retards running a fake world of ultra-materialistic consumerist filth - the tackiest city on earth. I read with glee all the negative news reports about the economy - I hope that shithole collapses and those pricks go back to live in their shitty tents where they belong.
07/25/09 @ 07:56
Comment from: saudi arabian girl · http://www.arabsexporno.com
It’s fairly easy these days to record anything,including muslim sex scenes , with the help of a mobile phone, then to exchange the material through Bluetooth or by simply publishing them on the net.
12/12/10 @ 04:45
Comment from: jack
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03/22/11 @ 07:16