Fraternity or Sorority - Why?

Over last weekend a young man died during a hazing ritual for a fraternity at a college. When I read about these things, I ask myself why would anyone put up with the abuse? Are these people so desperate to be accepted by an "organization" that they willingly let those people do whatever they want to them? Are the people already in the fraternity or sorority so bitter by what they went through that they figure they have the right? Does it make them feel more important or special to have "survived" an artificial hardship manufactured by a group of fellow students?

Personally I never had any use for the "greek" organizations. I've met people who joined them during college. They still put their pants on one leg at a time, just like me. They still have to get up and commute to a job, just like me. They tell stories about parties with their friends when they were in college, just like me, except my friends liked me for me not because I happened to let someone abuse me and let me join a special club. Being in a fraternity or sorority really doesn't make anyone all that special.

So why does anyone still join?

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My guesses are: peer pressure, a lack of self esteem and perhaps a chance at slightly-nicer than dorm residences.
12/13/13 @ 18:25