Four Things I Don't Fucking Need At 4:30 AM

1. Someone trying to back over my mailbox 2. To actually be a passenger in the car that's trying to back over my mailbox 3. To be in mortal terror as the driver says "Man, it's really hard to see out" when there's no rain, fog or snow 4. To be subjected to an hour long diatribe on Miley Cyrus' personal habits Oh and the one thing I actually would have appreciated? To be dropped off at the CORRECT airport terminal. Of course by then I was so desperate to get out of the vehicle that I didn't care.
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Hopefully this wasn’t a “professional” taking you to the airport.
10/08/13 @ 19:52
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No idea how long he was employed by the service. Probably won’t be for much longer…
10/08/13 @ 21:43