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And, to be honest, so can Dell, but I hate Apple more.

So what happened? Apple just upped and cancelled an entire set of orders for computers that were in stock the day before. Why? Because they want to sell new products instead (and make more money). So instead of notifying buyers that new products were going to come out soon. Instead of telling people that they'd better order model X before model Y came out they just flat out cancelled shit and said "Well, sorry, but go back to your users and your purchasing department and while you're at it, go get another 50 signatures since these are new prices for new products (which may have new features that people DON'T want) and while your at it, go fuck yourself because we don't care enough to fuck you personally.

So now all the people who waited several weeks to get their ordered through the purchasing process can wait a whole lot longer because the new products aren't even available to buy.

Hey Apple. Screw you. This is why I build my own. Fuck you. Fuck your iWhatever. And fuck off.


The GOP likes to harp on their "lowering taxes will increase state revenue by encouraging people to spend" logic. It's more easily summed up as "receiving less money means you will make more." If the logic escapes you that's because there IS no logic, e.g., Kansas...

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- Kansas legislators advanced a new plan Monday evening to meet a court's mandate on education spending, after separating it from a proposed tax hike aimed at fixing the cash-strapped state's budget.[..]

Another team of negotiators drafted a separate proposal to raise $1.2 billion over two years by rolling back past income tax cuts championed by Brownback.

Kansas faces budget shortfalls totaling $889 million through June 2019, and the state Supreme Court ruled in March that the state's $4 billion a year in aid to its 286 public school districts is inadequate.

The GOP crowed and crowed about how Brownback was going to make Kansas rich by lowering taxes. In the end the strategy didn't pan out and now they have to raise taxes AND make up for a massive shortfall. Yet somehow, despite an obviously failed strategy, not enough people in the state feel that their governor is unfit to keep fucking things up.

It's hard to say why people support the same failed rhetoric while paying the consequences, but maybe they actually believe that not calling a spade a spade really makes it something other than a spade. In which case their education system really is well and truly fucked.


You voted for tRump, isn't this what you wanted?

Some 23 million people would lose health insurance over the next decade under the revised Republican healthcare plan, says a non-partisan agency.

Fourteen million people would be uninsured in 2018 alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office. (BBC)

tRump hasn't issued a new era of mediocrity, rather he's issued in an era of pure lies and total incompetency. House GOP were SO FUCKING EAGER to say they did something they approved the first thing they could, as fast as they could, before anyone could think or assess what it meant. Much like the tRump "budget".

The White House has denied the president's budget proposal contains an "egregious" maths error.

Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers pointed out the spending plan double-counts $2tr (£1.5tr).

But White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told reporters: "We stand by the numbers." (BBC)

Pshaw, so what if they counted their income twice. I mean that's MATH and MATH IS HARD (as opposed to science, because science is just wrong.) I guess following in the footsteps of a president who can only use bisyllabic words like "great" and "awful" it's not terribly surprising to see utterly inept people doing a criminally inept job. After all, anyone with any brains, self esteem or enough IQ to drive a car has pretty much shied away from the tarpit that this administration currently represents.

tRump, because stupid-like-us is not just a winning slogan, it's a way of life.


The title is just a fancy way of saying that these are two people with absolutely NOTHING in common.

VATICAN CITY (AP) - They are stylistic opposites, one a bombastic tycoon-turned-president, the other a famously modest pope. They disagree openly on such weighty issues as immigration, climate change and economic policy.

President Donald Trump fulfilled a major campaign promise Tuesday, proposing a $4.1 trillion budget plan that would upend Washington in a big way. But he drew rebukes, even from some Republican allies, for the plan's jarring, politically unrealistic cuts to the social safety net for the poor and a broad swath of other domestic programs.

As far as pointless meetings go, this is basically a waste of everyone's time. Dickhead Donald only cares about making money, making the rich richer and everyone else, middle class, poor, the utterly destitute can die. Preferably somewhere where the smell won't waft his way. This meeting is a failed pairing, like Waldorf Salad and BBQ Sauce, it's just not two things you would ever willingly put together, probably not even in the same room.

Dickhead won't budge on being a dickehead. He never has, he never was anything less. Super Pope won't stop defending the poor, emphasizing that we all share the same planet and fighting for equality for all. Neither has any reason to tolerate the other, except for the sake of positive press. Dickhead gets to show the world that his money bought him a spot at the Pope's table. The Pope demonstrates that he can look pure gluttony in the eye and not flinch.

For the rest of us it were better that this never happened. But then stupid people can vote... so we're stuck with this mess.


President Money Bags

That's HIS money, not yours thank you. Who the fuck cares if YOU were the one that earned it?

president Donald Trump has stated repeatedly that he wants to cut the federal budget. But that might not apply to his travel budget, which continues to grow as he treks between the White House and his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., nearly every weekend.

So far, Trump’s travel to his private Florida club has cost taxpayers an estimated $20 million in his first 80 days in the White House, putting the new president on a trajectory in his first year in office to surpass former President Barack Obama’s total travel expenses over eight years, CNN reported.

Like that? Dickhead Donald is draining the swamp, right into his own pocket. Each trip costs US $1.2 million a pop. And he's not afraid to spend, spend, spend!

So, how's that populist president working out for ya 'eh? Feeling rich yet?


The ACA, otherwise known as the AFFORDABLE Care Act is the actual title for Obamacare. Trumpcare on the other hand is the American Health Care Act.

Hmmm, they both cover care but something is suspiciously missing from the AHCA isn't it. Like, say affordability? Yes, that's right folks, in the desperate drive to "repeal" the ACA, tRump and his GOP flunkies are trying to ensure that the losers lose hard. Who are the losers?

  • The poor
  • The elderly
  • The sick

Yes, in the GOP world, health care is only for people who want to pay premiums, but not for those who might actually need benefits. In essence it's a winning bet for making money. Which is the GOP strategy all along. So if you're NOT rich, if you're NOT young and you're in great health then bully for you.

The rest of you? Can fuck off and die...


Well, bwawwwwwhhhh, Dickhead Donald is having a sad. Again. He thought being Supreme Ruler of the United States meant raping the US to make all the monies he never made because he's not rich enough already.

"This is more work than in my previous life," he said. "I thought it would be easier."

Mr Trump's comments on being president have been ridiculed on social media, with many quick to share their surprise at his, well, surprise.

Well Dicky, howsabout you go back to your day job of fucking off and stop fucking the US into a total catastrophe? I know it would certainly make the MAJORITY of citizen voters pretty goddamn happy.

Imagine that, being President is actually WORK. And this coming from the guy who's playing MORE golf and spending MORE time at his personal resort than any President ever dared.

tRump, president of the United States of tRUmp. Everyone else? Can go to hell.


So when you TAKE something away from the public and GIVE it to an individual to make money off of, somehow that's fixing things.

In December, shortly before leaving office, President Barack Obama infuriated Utah Republicans by creating the Bears Ears National Monument on more than 1 million acres of land that's sacred to Native Americans and home to tens of thousands of archaeological sites, including ancient cliff dwellings.
Republicans in the state asked Trump to take the unusual step of reversing Obama's decision. They said the designation will stymie growth by closing the area to new commercial and energy development. The Antiquities Act does not give the president explicit power to undo a designation and no president has ever taken such a step. (AP)

Yes the GOP in Utah were upset. Land that held the heritage for American Natives, historical monuments and national beauty were being preserved and saved for the public and future generations. But that's not how the GOP rolls. It's money NOW and fuck the consequences later. So naturally they have a big friend in office, one who's not at all afraid of taking away public property and gifting it to the few, the wealthy, the powerful. We're already pretty clear on what tRump thinks about the environment and the future, so opening parkland to energy companies to tear up and drill down isn't even a second thought.

President Greedhead is in office and the policy is "make all the money you can, fuck everyone and everything else".


Poor Fucks

For every tRump voter making under several million a year I have this to offer... Happy yet?

April 21 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump took aim at more Obama-era federal regulations on Friday, signing three orders to re-examine government restrictions and safeguards that were put in place after the financial crisis.[..] Trump's contention for scrapping the oversight is that it stifles corporate growth and, by extension, weakens the economy.

You should be because you got what you voted for: someone who couldn't give a FUCK about you. Every action Dickhead Donald is taking is ensuring that the rich can more easily, more seamlessly, and more legally take everything you have.

Yes, Donald's face was printed on that tube of lube you happily slathered on. I hope you don't get a cramp from holding that position though. There's a few more years to go...


A lot of big biz and rich-rich fuckers lined up to shower Dickhead Donald on his way to making himself very rich. Now they're hoping for the "big payback."

Big money from billionaires, corporations and a roster of NFL owners poured into Donald Trump's inaugural committee in record-shattering amounts - to pull off an event that was considerably lower-key than previous inaugural celebrations.
That leaves a bit of a mystery: What the $107 million was spent for and how much was left over - the excess, if any, to go to charity. It also raises a new round of questions about the influence of money in politics, this time for a president who promised to "drain the swamp" of Washington. (AP)

Ah the poor ignorant slobs who actually BELIEVED that Dickhead Donald was going to work for them. That's so rich... like HE is (not you.) Nope, dumb fuckers gave him their vote in exchange for a promise of a goose in every pot and the freedom to hate thy neighbor.

Well... at least they got that second part. Free.


Bitch Betsy has started on her mission to ensure that higher education is exclusively for the exclusively wealthy. Everyone else can fuck right the hell off.

April 12 (UPI) -- Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rolled back protections for student loan borrowers that were enacted by the Obama administration.
She formally withdrew policies outlined in memos issued by former President Barack Obama at the end of his term in office that called for the Federal Student Aid office to strengthen protections for borrowers. [..]
Among the Obama memorandums DeVos withdrew were two requiring the FSA office do more to help borrowers manage or even discharge their students loans.
The Obama protections came after an increase in student loan defaults and what some officials called systematic mistreatment of borrowers by companies servicing student loans.

Like that? Betsy doesn't want education within reach of the average American. Lucky for her, tRumptard, who is only in it for himself, won't care what it does to the current generation of college-age kids. Between routing money from public schools back into the hands rich fundies who prefer private, mind-control academies to bankrupting fools who actually try she's on a mission to "make American stupider."

Bravo Betsy, you're a hateful bitch but at least I give you credit for not trying to hide it.


Who the hell is Arturo Di Modica? Well for one thing, he's all about a lot of bull.

NEW YORK (AP) -- The sculptor of Wall Street's "Charging Bull" statue is accusing New York City of violating his legal rights by allowing the "Fearless Girl" statue to be installed facing the bronze beast, without his permission .
Attorney Norman Siegel told The Associated Press that Arturo Di Modica will explain at a news conference Wednesday exactly how he's challenging city officials who issued a permit for the bronze girl to stay until February.

Arty is pissed off. His bull is being challenged by a little girl and it "changes the dynamic." The answer to that, of course, is: "Well Duh."

Arty, don't be any more of a tool then you have to. If your art is strong, then it's strong enough to have other art around. Fuck, you dumb moron, you don't see other artists complaining when their art is juxtaposed with other artists efforts in museums do you? Manhattan is a living, breathing museum, subject to change and really if one of the two works has to go then tough bull eh? I mean it's not very "original" after all...


Dickhead Donald has already padded out his bank account by a few mil, just from using his own private club in Florida. This is how DDT is making america great again.

The sign-on fee doubled from $100,000 [to $200,000] shortly after Mr Trump took office, when proximity to the president of the United States was added to the list of amenities, alongside the tennis courts and spa.
"It's pay-to-play, people are paying for access to the president," said Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer under George W Bush. (BBC)

Remember how DDT used to take aim at Obama for the cost of his vacations? Now EVERY weekend Dickhead spends in Florida he's pocketing that cost, right into the tRump accounts. Like that? It's impressive that his greed is so overt, his level of leadership so low and morals not anywhere to be seen.

Yes, it's great all right. Totally fucking great.



President Donald Trump has promised sweeping reforms to "horrendous" US banking regulations that were introduced after the financial crisis.
"We're going to do a very major haircut on Dodd-Frank," he said, referring to the Wall Street and consumer protection rules Barack Obama enacted in 2010.
Dodd-Frank aimed to prevent banks taking on too much risk and to separate their investment and commercial arms. (BBC)

DDT is intent on destroying every check and balance that resulted from a national catastrophe. Gibbering Trumanzees slobbering, shrieking, and flinging poo at everyone who points out that the "emperor" is both naked and insane. I guess the masses are asses and the founding fathers were right in debating if the average person should have the right to vote.


Your privacy! Wheeee!

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Senate voted to kill Obama-era online privacy regulations , a first step toward allowing internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to sell your browsing habits and other personal information as they expand their own online ad businesses.

That's right SMALL GOVERNMENT FANS, now your internet provider can not only SNOOP on your browsing but make a fat pile off it too. Privacy? Lol. Fuck that, not when someone can make a buck off it. Of course if you don't like how you're being treated by your ISP you can always switch, because the GOP fosters business and competition!

Consumer advocates also point out that it can be hard, in many areas of the country, to dump your cable or phone company for another one if you don't like its practices. Of course, it's also hard to stop using Google or Facebook.

Whoopsie! Or not! Good job conservatives, pat yourself on the back. And if you can't I'm sure the internet will provide your name, address and email to someone who will solicit to do that for you.


Guess what? Daddy's little girl was gonna pout until she got just what she wanted, what every little girl wants, an office just like Daddy's!

President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump is to have an office in the White House, her lawyer says. The 35-year-old will have security clearance and access to classified information, but no official title or salary when she works in the West Wing. (BBC)

Gotta admit, she's following in the patriarch's footsteps when it comes to raw, unfiltered, inappropriate greed. I can't recall any other president that just "gave" a family member leave to open a for-personal-profit business within the White House. But then, tRump and his loathsome offspring don't give a fuck, they're greedy-grabbing as fast as they fucking can.

Of course, not EVERYONE is a supporter. Or willing to turn a blind eye.

March 21 (UPI) -- Modern Appealing Clothing, a small San Francisco clothing boutique, has filed a class action suit against Ivanka Trump's fashion company.
The suit, filed last week in the Superior Court of California, alleges Ivanka Trump has used "the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain."

From Missus Slutty-slut-slut bitch-balling about how she was missing a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to profit from her brand" to baby-girl actually USING the White House and Daddy's staff to pimp her wares the tRumps are mocking the public at every turn. They're going to emerge richer than anyone, and it was all handed over, lock, stock and barrel by suckers who felt that somehow this would empower them.

I certainly hope the next resident of the White House will take the time to count the forks, because when it comes to greed and theft of the US, no one does it better than a tRump.


It's not even brick by brick, it's more like acre by acre, watching the total disintegration of the health, welfare and social equality of the U.S. of A. At the helm, evil incarnate backed by a screaming, frothing mass of angry, gun-toting, greedbags.

YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) -- President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the administration will re-examine federal requirements governing the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, moving forcefully against Obama-era environmental regulations that Trump says are stifling economic growth.[..]
Trump's announcement is expected to set the stage for weaker fuel efficiency standards as well as drawn-out legal battles with environmental groups and states such as California that adopted their own tough tailpipe standards for drivers.

Just fucking fantastic. I'm not sure there is a correlation between better fuel economy and jobs, but there sure the fuck is one between pollution, dependency on fossil fuels, terrorism, and global warming. It's unlikely under any scenario that Detroit will suddenly revitalize, boom with new manufacturing of massively polluting, oversized vehicles. But hey, as I've pointed out before, this is tRumpmerica, we just live here. Reality has nothing to do with anything any more.