Excuse #1: What Can tRump Really Do?

Is he really that bad to women? Those were just "locker room" jokes. He doesn't hate women. He can't really DO anything to women can he?

Fuck yes he can. He has. And he's not done fucking with women's lives yet.

Under new rules issued Oct. 7 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, employers and universities are allowed to cite religious or moral objections in order to end birth control coverage that was available under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

The South Bend Tribune reported earlier Tuesday that an email sent by Notre Dame to faculty and staff last on Friday showed that coverage would end for employees on Jan. 1. Students under the school's insurance plan, which provides contraceptives at no-cost through Aetna Student Health, would be covered until Aug. 14.[..]

Notre Dame previously offered coverage through third-party administrator Meritain Health and prescription benefit manager OptumRX, which allowed the university to meet the federal health care law's requirement while maintaining its religious opposition to contraceptives. (AP)

And so the evil continues. Attacks on women's health and rights intensifies and once again women become the victim of political-religious bullshittery. The idea that in 2017 a women's pregnancy should be dictated by her employer is outrageous. Effectively the university is saying "if you're a woman, you SHOULD be pregnant, and if you don't want to be, we won't support you. You will have to pay for your freedom. Consider it a penalty for being born a woman."

First, FUCK YOU NOTRE DAME. Second, to all the fucking excuse-mongers who rationalized their vote for this shitbag with "well, it's not like he's REALLY going to do anything to hurt women", here's my I TOLD YOU FUCKING SO. You're selfish. You're delusional. And most of all, you're blind to the pain and suffering of poor and vulnerable women. Which makes you heartless.

But hey, who cares? It probably doesn't affect you, right?

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