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The GOP is back at it again, desperate to claim a paper victory, they are willing to pass anything at all, no matter how terrible it is for the people who elected them. Just to claim an "accomplishment". That's like burning down your house just to claim you cleaned it. After all, if there's nothing left to clean your job is certainly done.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's divisive and difficult, but the Republican drive to erase the Obama health care overhaul has gotten a huge boost from one of Washington's perennial incentives: Political necessity.

In the two months since Senate Republicans lost their initial attempt to scuttle President Barack Obama's statute, there's fresh evidence GOP voters are adamant that the party achieve its long-promised goal of dismantling that law [..] "Republicans campaigned on this so often that we have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. And that's as pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill" to support it, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, told Iowa reporters in a conference call Wednesday.

"That base is so insistent. You made this promise, stick to it, and you'll be penalized if you don't," said Bill Hoagland, a former top Senate GOP aide and health policy expert.

So I'd like to ask the GOP: When people are stupid enough to want something that will hurt them, do you give it to them? Even if you know better? What if it costs you your job?

Well, we know where MOST of the GOP stands on this. They'd freely sell poison candy on Halloween if their constituents demanded it. Which is precisely what has happened. The banner they campaigned under, the poison they fed their voters was that government supported health care would kill the elderly (death panels), would force healthy people to pay for sick ones, would ruin the world and make everyone pay more. Endless empty votes on meaningless legislation to repeal something that would never be repealed. Posturing. Positioning. Pretending that universal healthcare was BAD.

How exactly the fact that anyone can get medical treatment they need, when they need it and affordably a bad thing is beyond any rational person, but sanity has nothing to do with it.

Now the GOP is being eaten by their own rhetoric. When forced to (literally) put money where their mouth is, the conservatives CAN'T find a solution and worse, many of those people they convinced have suddenly realized that the people being hurt when the ACA goes away would be themselves.

But the GOP is in a quandary. They've defined themselves as the party of "no", they prided themselves on the legislation they stopped and the people they prevented from being confirmed into jobs, they've lauded every attempt to impede progress even to the point of shutting down government and now... now they're ready to murder the people who elected them.

Know what we call something that kills its host? We call it the GOP. I wouldn't insult viruses.


Literally, figuratively, visually, mentally. Arpaio is actually an insult to real pigs who are far smarter and less evil than he is.

PHOENIX (AP) -- Fresh off his presidential pardon, an emboldened Joe Arpaio on Monday lashed out at his critics and the judge who found him guilty of a crime as his attorneys went to court to throw the court decision that was the basis for his conviction.

The former Arizona sheriff struck a defiant tone in insisting he "didn't do anything wrong" and questioning whether his judge was fair. His comments came as President Donald Trump took a similar posture in defending his Friday pardon of the former lawman, blaming the Obama administration for Arpaio's troubles and calling him a "patriot" who fought against illegal immigration

Caligulump decided that HIS authority was greater than law. By pardoning this scumbag the "presidont" has made a mockery of our court system, proving that he is drunk with power and incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. I guess most people would argue he never knew the difference to begin with.

Dickhead Donald LITERALLY thinks "L'Etats C'est Moi" failing to recognize that he didn't earn the right to overrule our courts, he was GIVEN the privilege by the people to pardon in extreme circumstances. Now he's busy abusing every capability endowed on the office he's in to corrupt, bypass and enrich himself and his buddies to the greatest degree possible. It also means that anyone and everyone who is aligned with Dickhead has a free pass to do whatever they please, legal or illegal.

Luckily, abuse of power IS an impeachable offence. I wonder if Dickhead will write out his own pardon before hand. He probably will, because, you know, just in case...


Grow some beards wouldja? Because you're basically just terrorists.

But the NRA has begun a campaign not against pending legislation but what it sees as liberal forces bent on undoing the progress it's made - and the political powerhouse is resorting to language that some believe could incite violence.

Using the hashtags #counterresistance and #clenchedfistoftruth, the NRA has put out a series of videos that announce a "shot across the bow," and say the gun-rights group is "coming for you" and that "elites ... threaten our very survival," terms that suggest opponents are enemy combatants. (AP)

The NRA has gone off-message. Instead of being satisfied with the GOP firmly tucked into their pockets, they're dispensing with any myth of self-defense, or civility and revealed themselves Sith-style: Kill everyone who doesn't own a gun.

That's the message. If you want gun control then you need to die. If your kids were massacred by a suck fuck with an automatic then you need to die. If you decide that you personally don't want to be around guns then you need to die. Basically the NRA has shifted from "we want to coexist with non-gun owners" to "kill them all let the gods sort them out" rhetoric.

Also the KKK and the Nazis have presidential backing, which means expect more murder at the next white-right rally.

Dickhead donald tRump is evil and he's breeding evil with such vehemence that it's flowing out of the toilet, onto the floor and down the street. The NRA has decided that it wants to be the biggest turd in the bowl. Well, good for you guys, at least you don't have to pretend any more.


While there are plenty of parallels, from being an ego maniac to a narcissistic bombast, from changing an embarrassing last name to forcing idiotic decisions on smarter subordinates, from designing a personal cult of fawning, sycophantic supporters to random and meaningless railings at those he can't control... this list could go on forever.

tRump likes to think he's fucking brilliant. He keeps saying "Well I'm president and you're not" like a pre-k kid with a bag of sour-patch kids in his lunch, like it automatically makes him special. What he fails to realize is that it's not the OFFICE but the OPPORTUNITY that makes him important. Thus far he's failed at making anything of the opportunity, other than to prove to anyone who might have given him a chance that he's a freak with no self control, at times angry and the next day condescendingly, sickeningly friendly. Inconsistent. Erratic. Quick to take offence. Slow (or incapable) of listening to sage advice.

Hitler was, at the very least, capable of putting together a stable and loyal staff who stuck with him until and even past the bitter end. These were people who he didn't hire and fire at whim, but were capable delegates whom he actually listened to. Instead of blaming the media for every personal mistake, his delegated his staff to create and manipulate the media, letting them focus on forming a consistent and as flattering a fiction as possible.

Dickhead Donald isn't all that. In fact he isn't even half that. He's got the megalomaniac part down ok, but he got ahead of himself by adopting that full-on-fucktarded-self-contradicting attitude BEFORE he had any successes. See, the thing is, Hitler at least managed to take Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, and Poland more or less on his own BEFORE becoming a total freakshow. Dickhead just skipped that part and went right to the end, presuming somehow, that all the things he promised, all the WORK he had to do would somehow get done in spite of the fact that he wasn't doing any.

Basically he's doing it wrong.

When it comes to historical comparisons Dickhead is much closer to Caligula than Hitler in terms of capability.

it is known that during his brief reign, Caligula worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor, as opposed to countervailing powers within the principate. He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and luxurious dwellings for himself (Wikipedia)

Also Caligula wound up assassinated, and Claudius (Pence) wound up on the throne.

I know I'm not alone in my opinion that tRump makes a pretty poor comparison to Hitler, even with the trappings of the KKK and the open embrace of Nazism. Unable to plan, unable to execute, unable to even form and convey a coherent sentence, Dickhead is just a sad excuse of figurehead filled with sawdust and lard.

"Trump's nothing like Hitler. There's no way he could write a book" - Frankie Boyle



Because why not? They're white and they vote. And also they're white!

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he will not support a resolution to censure President Donald Trump over his comments following a white supremacist rally in Virginia, but said Trump "messed up" by saying "both sides" were to blame for violence and that there were "very fine people" among those marching to protect Confederate statues.[..]

Ryan said censuring Trump would be "counterproductive."

"If we descend this issue into some partisan hack-fest, into some bickering against each other and demean it down into some political food fight, what good does that do to unify this country?" Ryan said, adding that it would be the "worst thing we could do."

Yes, calling a spade a spade would be "counterproductive". Instead, let the record of implicit approval show that when it came time to say that Nazis and the KKK are bad the GOP shied away because they were afraid of losing those votes.

Let me say that again: the GOP will NOT condemn Trump because they WANT THE SUPPORT OF THE FASCIST-RIGHT-EXTREMISTS. They WANT people screaming "Kill Hillary", they WANT people begging for a wall, they WANT and NEED the frothing, frenzied, white-jihadi storm troopers putting bullet decals and wanted posters on Democrats. This is the support that "won" them the presidency, and they can't see a future without it.

So Rocket Ryan, glad to know that you're willing to get into bed with David Duke and the Young Hitler-wannabes. History has shown that those marriages typically don't last too long or end too well. Perhaps you'd better get out while you still can, because even after WWII, those that DID survive were tried, found guilty and hanged in Nuremberg.

History has a lesson for you dude: it repeats itself.


Joe Love is a fucking dick-brained asshole. The kind of asshole who flies a Nazi flag in front of his home in North Carolina. Why? Because in his words "this is Nazi fucking America."

Oh really? Well I have news for you Joe. It FUCKING ISN'T. And I would love, love, LOVE to see you take that Nazi flag and head right over to Arlington Cemetery and walk around with it. I DARE you to take that Nazi flag and stand on the side of a Veterans parade. I CHALLENGE you, fuck-face, to walk the streets of Manhattan on Hanukkah with that flag, in Times Square or Rockefeller Center with that flag.

I also suggest you pay up on your Obamacare because you're going to need medical help getting that flag out of your colon.

So listen Joe Ironically-Misnamed-Love: flying a Nazi flag means you're a fucking Nazi. You're a racist. You're a proponent of evil, hate and as un-American as Al Qaeda. It means you're terrorist. And you should be treated like one.

Good luck pin head. Because you're going to need one fucking hell of a lot of it in the future. Congratulations on your fame. It's going to haunt you. Probably forever.


Dickhead isn't just a supporter to the angry-armed mob of white fascists, he's their god.

On Saturday, as Trump read slowly through a statement about the clashes that left dozens injured and one woman dead, he condemned hatred, bigotry and violence "on many sides." The president was silent when journalists asked whether he rejected the support of nationalist groups.

That silence was cheered by the white supremacist website Daily Stormer: "When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him." (AP)

There you go: The white right wants god to bless Dickhead Donald because he won't turn them away. These are the real Dickhead supporters, the ones who will follow and support him no matter what he says, does, did or will do.

Because he will let them hurt, threaten, abuse, menace and ultimately murder anyone who gets in their way. Or in Dickhead's way.

If Fucktard had a choice, THESE are the people he'd put in the senate, because fuck knows the House is already pretty damn close to these clowns.

Yes it's tRumpmerica, where being white, male and moneyed are the ONLY qualifications for citizenship. (Fine print: so long as you're Christian, not-sick, not educated, gun-loving and willing to look away from the pain and suffering of your fellow citizen, not to mention the world.)

tRump = hate. That's the bottom line.


A. If you don't like abortion, don't have one
B. If it doesn't involve you mind your own goddamned fucking business
C. You don't judge others
D. Preventing women from getting the access they need isn't just hate, it's a crime

"One of the talking points we've heard lately is abortion should be considered health care," Elizabeth Graham, director of Texas Right to Life, told a Texas Senate committee. "Really, the definition of health care is to make a person well and to encourage health. The definition of a successful abortion is the complete death of the unborn child." (AP)

F. A Fetus is NOT a baby
G. There is NO SUCH THING as an "unborn baby", the baby exists when it is born, it's a fetus until then
H. Elizabeth Graham can go fuck herself, her attitude and her morals. Cunt.


And *I* don't think that anyone who is against old, white, asshole, conservative fucktards getting it up should pay for their prostrate exams or viagra either.

Aug. 10 (UPI) -- Texas lawmakers this week approved a bill that would require women to pay a separate health insurance premium to get coverage for elective abortions.

The bill will not allow exemptions for cases of fetal abnormalities, rape or incest, reported the Texas Tribune. It passed on a 95-51 vote Tuesday.

The bill's author, Republican state Rep. John Smithee, said abortion foes shouldn't contribute to abortion costs when they pay their health insurance bills to private health insurers.[..]

Democratic state Rep. Chris Turner said forcing women to pay extra to be covered in the case of a rape-induced pregnancy amounts to "rape insurance."

"Women don't plan to be raped. Parents don't plan for their children to be victims of incest," he said. "Asking a woman or a parent to foresee something like that and buy supplemental insurance to cover that horrific possibility is not only ridiculous, it is cruel."

Democratic State Rep. Donna Howard asked Smithee whether a 10-year-old girl who became pregnant after a rape should be forced to pay extra for health insurance, or go through with the pregnancy.

"We're discussing taking the life of the innocent little baby because of something the baby had nothing to do with," Smithee said, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Like that? Hey John Smithee (smithiee? smitey? schmucky? nah let's just go with fucking-assfaced-dickmunch-scumbag-womanhater), pardon let's use your NEW name: Hey Fucking-assfaced-dickmunch-scumbag-womanhater, you thought you were sooooo smart right? Because you're not denying women abortions, you're merely trying as hard as you can to make it as difficult as possible.

Also, an embryo isn't an "innocent little baby" shit head. It's an embryo. And women's bodies are THEIRS, not yours. Also you're going to lose that one in court because it's discriminatory to women to force them to carry an additional financial burden which only THEY have to have. Basically a womb-tax, for the crime of being able to get pregant.

So fuck you. Fuck your misogyny. Fuck your double standard. Fuck your intent to repress women and impose your own standard on what they can and can't do. Fuck you sideways with a rusty spoon which, hopefully, will get wedged, for putting further constraints on the poorest women who need the most help, not judgement, not forced pregnancy, not an end to their future, not a permanent memory of a CHOICE they are legally entitled to make.

Fuck you right to hell John fucking-assfaced-dickmunch-scumbag-womanhater Smithee. Oh, and have a nice day.


Is a steaming cesspool of reality.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- It would take at least 25 years for Wisconsin taxpayers to break even on Gov. Scott Walker's incentives to lure Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn to the state, according to a fiscal analysis released Tuesday.

Dickhead was pretty quick to celebrate "his" role in bringing jobs back the US. Only the "deal" is a one-sided suckfest for the state who "won".

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau's analysis of the bill found that Walker's administration found the cost of the tax credits would exceed potential increased tax revenues by $1.04 billion at the end of fiscal year 2032-33. After that year, payments to Foxconn would end and increased tax collections would ring in at about $115 million annually. At that rate, the break-even point would come during the 2042-43 fiscal year.

The break-even point could come even later, though.

So really, for 3k new jobs the state winds up overcommitting and digging itself a hole to the tune of over a billion. If, of course, Foxconn bails before the break even period the state is extra-extra fucked with a side of 3000 new names on their unemployment rolls.

Yes this is the "art of the deal" folks: take a steaming pile of crap, put it in a box, spray paint it gold, celebrate yourself as being awesome and then run away. Because it's not your problem any more.


Dickhead didn't get what he wanted: something considered a "win". So what's his next, thoughtful, well-consoled step?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump on Saturday threatened once more to end required payments to insurance companies unless lawmakers repeal and replace the Obama-era health care law.

I'm unclear what he's upset about, I mean it's not like he actually DID anything to help sway the vote. Get out and talk to people? Gather insurance companies and the public together for discussion? Create charts based on ACTUAL data that show where the ACA is lacking and why something else needs to be done?

Fuck no man, because that's hard work. And tRump don't do no fucking work. Work is for losers. And losers who don't deliver get badmouthed and then fired. Or quit. So far Dickhead has managed to eliminate more than one person a month, and this doesn't count all the people he's publicly threatened. That doubles the number.

Dickhead can't manage. He can hire good people who, for a time, can actually get things done until Dickhead gets tired of their advice, or bored and then he just makes their life so miserable that they quit. As a result the Whitehouse is a seething mess of hatred, backstabbing and vitriol the likes of which would make Lady MacBeth throw herself on her knife without a second thought.

So here we are, full tilt into the first year and Dickhead's only solution to solving the vacuum left by his lack of leadership is more firings and more threats. The only practical solution of which is for Congress to work harder to marginalize the powers he's got. The next person who winds up in office is going to be behind the eightball because the office of the president will be severely nerfed, a figurehead with even smaller authority than Her Royal Battleship, Ms. Elisabeth II.

Dickhead didn't so much ruin the job as he did change the balance of power, from three branches to two. This is why we can't have nice things.


Dickhead made it cool to be hateful, mean and offensive to our fellow men. It comes as no surprise that the kids have picked it up and run with it.

They call themselves Generation Identity. Made up of mainly 20-something tech-savvy members, the Identitarian movement has been described as the hipster right.[..] This summer the Identitarian movement tried to stop a Medecins Sans Frontieres rescue ship from leaving port.

The stunt failed but the group has now managed to raise more than €70,000 (£62,000) in less than three weeks, which it says it will invest in its "Defend Europe" campaign. (BBC)

The "Hipster-Right" feels bad... for themselves. After being raised in comfortable homes, with food, medicine and education they are angry, so very angry, that the poor and ugly are being given anything for humanitarian reasons. They are outraged that ANY money that could be going to them is instead going to someone else. The penultimate ME generation has found solace in themselves, and in their cause, romantically rebranded from "hate the poor" to "defending our home".

It's so easy when you've never suffered to be immune to the suffering of others, but actively working to impede the work of those who DO care is a form a evil that deserves to be labeled what it is: FUCKING SELFISH.

"More than 90% of the immigrants coming here by boat are economic refugees," claims 20-year-old Viviana Randazzo, a newly-recruited member of the Identitarians, although official Italian statistics put the figure at 85%.[..] "I think these [migrants] are coming to Europe because they know someone will save them," the movement's Italy co-ordinator, Lorenzo Fiato, told me in Catania, on Sicily's eastern coast.

Lorenzo, you're a fucking dickless asshole. Working to enable the suffering of those who are fleeing poverty and war is a crime and you're a criminal. Viviana, you're a fucking cunt. The same applies to you.

I hope your "fashionable" disservice to humanity sticks with you and your group. None of you are people who I would choose to help if YOU needed it, but from your comfy chairs and full bellies I doubt you'll ever be able to understand why. Maybe you can cry yourself to sleep at night wondering why the world hates you and not the ugly and poor.


So much for separation of church and state...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Churches should have the right to endorse political candidates and still keep their tax-free status, say House Republicans targeting a law that prohibits such outright politicking from the pulpit.

Republicans repeatedly have failed to scrap the law preventing churches and other nonprofits from backing candidates, so now they are trying to starve it. With little fanfare, a House Appropriations subcommittee added a provision that would deny money to the IRS to enforce the 63-year-old law to a bill to fund the Treasury Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and other agencies.

The subcommittee passed the bill Thursday.

The GOP likes to prey on the feeble minded and weak spirited. And what better way to do it than from the pulpit? If you're in a church (because, let's be realistic here folks, they're not talking about Mosques or Temples, the GOP thinks there's only one religion in the world: christianity) you've already suspended both your belief in reality and your own self-determination. It becomes even more ironic when they go after support for causes that actually do HARM to those they're courting for votes. Health care? Not for you, you have god right? Help the poor, or elderly? Well Jesus said he'd care for them, so let him, they don't need our money. Love your neighbor? Not if they're dark skinned, gay or liberal, in which case god wants you to kill (just like the jihadi's only with a cross not a scimitar.)

So the GOP, after gerrymandering the fuck out of every state they could, they're now trying to weaponize religion for their own benefit. It's not a democracy they're after, just a christian state based on the same model as Iran. Guns, religion, big money and oil. And everyone else can go fuck themselves.


After tens of votes to repeal the AHCA the GOP is in a dog-sweat to shove through a "replacement" and pat themselves on the back. You'd think, however, that maybe juuuuust maybe some of them might want to read it first. And get non-partisan opinions. And the results of analyses.

But that would be bad IF the deal itself had major flaws right?

"It's a big complicated subject, we've got a lot discussions going on, and we're still optimistic we're going to get there," McConnell told reporters after the lunch. (AP)

McConnell thought that by drafting it in secret, by not letting anyone SEE the development that they couldn't form a solid opinion when they did finally see the finished product. He desperately wanted the kudos now, and didn't care much at all about who might be effected.

But other senators, other GOP senators DID care, maybe not about people dying from lack of coverage but for their own totally orthogonal reasons.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millionaires would get tax cuts averaging $52,000 a year from the Senate Republicans' health bill while middle-income families would get about $260, according to a new analysis of the foundering bill.[..]

Moderate Republicans were concerned that too many people would lose health coverage under the bill while conservatives said it wouldn't do enough to reduce premiums.

So the rich donors get their kickbacks so they can keep pouring their donations into the GOP coffers. That was the main focus of what Mitchy really wanted to do. Killing the poor through lack of coverage was just an added bonus. Now that the word is out, and before the vote, before July 4th which would have seen lots of loud self-congratulations to cover the howls of dismay, it will be just a tiny bit harder for the GOP to move ahead with their "death panels" (oh wait, they don't need death panels because it's just a simple calculation - if you don't need subsidized healthcare then you win, everyone else can go suck it.)

But if the GOP can't kill the poor by yanking their access to medical care, they CAN just make sure they're exposed to more poisons in the air, water, ground and... of course, global warming.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Trump administration is taking steps to roll back an Obama administration policy that protected more than half the nation's streams from pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday outlined a process for rescinding a 2015 regulation that defines which waterways are covered under the Clean Water Act.

Yep, death to everyone who can't afford bottled water and their own medical coverage. Just fuck 'em. It's not like this administration isn't overt in its distaste for the poor, it just wants a bigger gap between the haves and the have nots. Like a 6' gap. Straight down.


When faced with the literal facts, facts he can't control, contrive or conceal, Dickhead will do the next best thing: say as little as possible. Which leads to the next question: how is Dickhead going to "drain the swamp" when he's not even willing to talk about it?

Once more freewheeling exchanges, White House press briefings have been shrinking both in length and content as Trump's senior aides clamp down on information and contend with the president's own lack of message discipline and preference for speaking directly to his fan base.

The administration has erected other barriers to transparency as well, such as refusing to make its visitor logs public. And Trump hasn't held a full press conference since February or participated in interviews since the end of April.[..] David Boardman, chairman of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said Trump's method of communicating via Twitter creates a compelling need "to follow up on those 140-character proclamations with questions."

He said a trend toward less transparency has rippled through all levels of government, and the approach is set at the top. (AP)

That's right, it's all about blind belief. No facts. No reason. No logic. No questions. It's about acting like a DICKtater, not a president who is open and aboveboard with the people he was ELECTED to SERVE. It's about hiding everything because he can do so and refuses to be questioned.

But those forms of communication are eroding discourse, said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

"You get assertion but no argument. You get attack but no justification," she said. "These are ideal formats for someone who does not want to be held accountable. You're being asked to accept on authority that this is all that you need to know."

And if that doesn't frighten you then you're clearly not thinking for yourself. Or your nation.


And, to be honest, so can Dell, but I hate Apple more.

So what happened? Apple just upped and cancelled an entire set of orders for computers that were in stock the day before. Why? Because they want to sell new products instead (and make more money). So instead of notifying buyers that new products were going to come out soon. Instead of telling people that they'd better order model X before model Y came out they just flat out cancelled shit and said "Well, sorry, but go back to your users and your purchasing department and while you're at it, go get another 50 signatures since these are new prices for new products (which may have new features that people DON'T want) and while your at it, go fuck yourself because we don't care enough to fuck you personally.

So now all the people who waited several weeks to get their ordered through the purchasing process can wait a whole lot longer because the new products aren't even available to buy.

Hey Apple. Screw you. This is why I build my own. Fuck you. Fuck your iWhatever. And fuck off.


Dickhead Donald rearranges words in a quote to make his point and then accuses everyone else of being stupid. While it's possible that Dickhead is actually autistic and his brain just edited the content automatically, the better chance is that Dickhead thought he was being witty, trying to grab some PR for himself from the pain and horror of another nation.

Mr Trump accused Mr Khan of downplaying the attack by telling Londoners there was "no reason to be alarmed".

Mr Khan's team said he had "more important things to do than respond to Mr Trump", who had "deliberately" taken his remarks "out of context".[..]

During an interview earlier on Sunday, Mr Khan had said: "Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. No reason to be alarmed." (BBC)

Dickhead then challenged the mayor to an IQ test. Really? A mayor who's trying to manage a crisis and tend to his citizens and all Dickhead can do is mock and distract? YOU'RE A FUCKING HUMAN EMBARRASSMENT DICKHEAD DONALD. SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

Wanna know what? I'm way more afraid of what Dickhead will do or say next than any terrorist. Truth.