Everyone Loves A Clown Show

The GOP doesn't really love tRump. But they sure love his money.

But the president and his party won't be calling it quits any time soon. They remain tightly linked by a force more powerful than politics or personal ties: cash.

Trump's fundraising prowess is the engine of the Republican National Committee and a lifeline for every Republican planning to rely on the party for financial help during next year's congressional races. (AP)

Most people, even the GOP, are saying that Dickhead got elected, not because of his (obvious lack of) talent but because voters wanted to punish the traditional parties for their inability to govern. You have to wonder, who is getting punished more? The Dems now have the luxury to sit back and use the same tactics the GOP used, merely saying "no" and "we can do it better" rather than coming up with an effective plan. The GOP, on the other hand, is stuck between the erratic whims of a pathological egomaniac and actually capitalizing on their dominant position in legislature.

Turns out it's harder than it looks though.

So now the GOP has a choice and senators are starting to make it: ignore Dickhead and do things at their own pace, or, keep sucking the money dick. There's also the white-anger-management voting blocks in many of their own states who clearly couldn't pass the IQ test when it came to voting but still think that eliminating health care and welfare will hurt everyone but them.

So the clown show continues. Most of America is either regretting their votes or regretting the votes of their peers. Either way all we can do it kick back, get out the popcorn and wait to see where it goes. No place good, that's basically guaranteed.

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