Elect Me! Or else.

I don’t understand the reasoning that the Romney campaign has been slewing around out there recently. They’re claiming that Mitty would have a better chance of getting bipartisan cooperation from Congress than Obama would. They say that the Democrat controlled Senate is more likely to work with Mitt than the Republican controlled House is willing to work with Obama.

Am I the only one that thinks that’s a fucked up logical leap? Effectively, he’s saying that the GOP are bigger assholes to work with, so you might as well let them run the show. Hell, if you don’t elect their guy, they’re planning on doing the same obstructionist shit they’ve done for the last couple years. At the same time, they're saying that the opposing political party is more reasonable then they are.

Like I said, maybe it’s just me, but that’s not exactly a qualification I’d vote for. It’s a plea to extortion. Remember when the US credit rating was held hostage by those same assholes last year? That was these same assholes. And now they’re saying they’ll do it again if Obama is still in the white house.

No thanks. The right response is not to reward them. The correct response is to roll up a newspaper and smack them on the snout. Bad doggie. No treat.

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