Either Climate Change Is Real Or God Hates You

Take your pick.

Hurricane Irma is lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain after devastating several Caribbean islands.

The hurricane made landfall on the Camaguey Archipelago, in Cuba's north-east, as a category five storm. [..]

In Florida, 5.6 million people, or 25% of the US state's population, have been told to leave as the storm approaches. At least 20 people are known to have died so far across the Caribbean. (BBC)

The irony of climate denial is real. And for those who were convinced that tRump was right, that it was a myth propagated by science and liberals to take jobs aware from poor, conservative, white people. Instead they waved their hands, preferring to think that either god was in control of everything (and that god also, cared about them) and that it was just random circumstances if it did happen. There was no trend. That attempts to reduce man-made impact on the environment was unnecessary in their lifetime. That the need to make money now was and is far more important than the health, safety and survival of the future.

Now they have a new choice to make: either paying for or digging out states that are devastated by the weather that WAS predicted or just keep believing that god has a message for them (hint: these are actually the same thing.) The icing on the cake is that those who ARE impacted in those heavily red states are also the ones who complain bitterly about immigration. Immigrants who will fuel the labor engine, immigrants who are absolutely critical to cleaning and rebuilding their homes.

So, now that we're in this, which looks better now? A president who puts business first and human life last? Or one who would have used the nation's resources to take care of everyone regardless of wealth, race and religion?

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