Dickhead Donald Has More In Common With Muslims Than He Admits

After all they're both pretty fucking shitty to women.

An American has been charged by Canadian police for shouting a sexually explicit phrase at a female journalist.

Fawaz Abudhamad, 23, was charged with causing a public disturbance in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Maryland native shouted the obscenity as he drove by Britt Dixon, who was interviewing police outside of their local headquarters on Friday.

The reporter asked him why he did it, to which he responded: "Because everyone in the States does it". [..]

The reporter, who works for a local television station, said she did not wish to press charges, but the police did because they saw it happen.[..]

The man shouted "I want to [expletive] you right in the [expletive]" as a he drove by - a vulgar phrase that has gained popularity online in recent years. (BBC)

There you go. That's pure tRumpism at work. "Because I can yell this at women in the states" is the excuse. Why? Because there's an asshole elected president who repeats those sentiments LITERALLY all the time. What's more demeaning, belittling and mocking women CAN get you elected. That's a proven fact.

It's also a proven fact that such behavior is wrong and will eventually have consequences. Even if they're a long time in coming, there WILL be consequences. Just as Fucked Up Fawaz found out. Way to go cocktard. Oh and by they way? Try yelling that at a woman in the Northeast and see how far you get too. I triple dare you.

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