Destiny's Dumb Argument About Shaders or "Why No One Wants Their Armor To Look Like A Fucking Clown Car"

Destiny is, for the most part, very old news by now. The game came out. It was fun for a short while (certainly not $60 worth of while, more like $45, but you pay for early access and the excitement before people realize they've been had.) And the fun is over now. It's pretty much dead and what community remains is only waiting for Fortnite to take off.

But in the mean time there is some fun to be had, mostly in the form of Bungie's replies to the community on issues big and small, which plague the game. Not the least of which is a limited inventory which keeps getting filled up with garbage shaders which take time and effort on the part of the user to remove. Kinda like mold on bread.

Of course Bungie knows this, they've been told, but in typical "we know better" form Bungie pisses off yet more users by gamesplaining basic concepts to people who mastered killing bosses while standing in a pit of acid while rotating locations within seconds of shooting different icons located at many corners of the room, while being attacked by adds. In other words WE'RE NOT FUCKING MORONS. But hey, Bungie still likes to talk down to their "paying" users.

Tyson Green: Shaders are individual items, and individual items trigger individual reward bundles when dismantled, even when those rewards are simple. That creates a challenge for us that we haven’t yet addressed, which is triggering dozens (or hundreds) of reward bundles simultaneously when an entire stack of shaders is dismantled. This is challenging not simply because an arbitrary number of rewards need to be run and delivered simultaneously, but because we also have to safeguard against scenarios where this produced items that couldn’t fit in your inventory, which could be instantly lost (ex: shaders that produce Glimmer could easily evaporate into nothing if you were at or near the cap.) for more read here

So yeah, shaders. They give them to you, you don't get a choice to not take them. They come in endless varieties, except they actually don't, they come in a few varieties but with endless variations: red, white, blue, black then shiny red, white, blue, black, then red, reflective white, blue, black, then red, white, textured blue, black, then red, white, blue and flat black and ALL OF THESE ARE "DIFFERENT".

Actually they're all the same, hideous, the "nice" ones are rare and you can buy them for real money once the event where you got two of them (which was only up for a week) is over. But anger against microtransactions is a different rant.

So yeah, this shit just piles up. I literally have over 150 of some of these more garbage shaders (Gods help you person who designed "Blue Geometry" if I ever find out who you are you will taste my wrath) and since I'm fucking NOT going to spend 150 clicks-and-hold minutes of my life deleting them they pile up. AND THERE'S NO OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THEM.

I mean yeah, there's good and bad ways to enhance the user experience and have users spend more time in game. BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Frankly the whole shader thing is stupid anyway, while gear comes in a variety of base colors and patterns frankly any ONE shader is fine for all of them, being able to shade each item is overkill and it's not like I'm ever going to have shiny boots and flat gloves in the same scheme. Also did I mention that 40% of the schemes are fucking hideous anyway? Watermelon? Iridescent watermelon? OMG WHY?

So yeah, the whole "it's hard" is stupid. The notion that they have to break some sort of basic paradigm to implement it properly is far fetched, especially when you factor in that the currency ("glimmer") is basically worthless since you can't fucking buy anything like weapons, armor or shaders WITH it. You know what Bungie, I don't even WANT anything when I delete the shader, keep your virtual Bitcoin crap, just let me delete it so I don't have to see it any more.

Oh well, like I said, game is done. They fucked up. It could have gone for a while but no, the devs are going to stick to their story and tell users how they have to enjoy the game or fuck off.

Think I'll pick fuck off.

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