Demise of NYC Horse Drawn Carriages

Both candidates running for mayor of New York City want to see the end of horse drawn carriages. They have heard the cries of well meaning activists that see the use of horses in Manhattan as abusive to the animals. The news loves to show pictures of the rare instances where the animal falls or gets spooked.

The fact is like all activists, the activists that have been championing the cause of the horses are idiots. Yes, I called them idiots. Why? Because for all their good intentions of saving the horses from abuse, they forget that the 200 or so horses that pull carriages around Central Park have homes. That is more than can be said for 100's of thousands more around the country. 

Sure, NYC carriage horse call a place full concrete and asphalt and very little grass home. Those horses would probably love to frolic in a grass filled pasture. They might not even object to an open pasture devoid of grass because the grass has been trampled to death by other horses. But a home with hay and grain is a home.

Anybody know what happens to a homeless hores? Anybody have a guess?

The activists like to tell you that they will be sent to "santuaries". Yes, sancutaries exist and maybe, just maybe, the activists can twist a few arms and charm a few people to fit a couple of the soon to be retired carriage horses. Some claim that the NYC carriage horses are celebrities of a sort and that there is a demand for them. Heck, if I could, I'd take one. I love draft horses because of their temperment. But 200? 

I'll tell you what is more likely to happen to more than a few. They are going to be loaded on to trailers for a trip to an auction. There are quite a few auctions. There they will be on display for potential buyers. Some of those buyers will represent slaughter houses. They like draft horses, too, but for different reasons. They are "meaty".

After the sleezy slaughter house people claim their prizes, they load them on trailers for the long trip to Canada (if they are "lucky") or Mexico (if they aren't). Mind you, these folks tend to not be animal lovers. They don't care how comfortable the animal is. It needs to be alive, not happy. 

I've know horses that have went off the auction and I try not to think about it. When I do, I wish I had more resources to have saved a few favorites. I've never been to auctions myself, but I know people who have. People who say it is obvious who the meat people are. They have to resist the urge to punch them in their faces.

Honestly, I don't want to think about the end of NYC carriage rides. Not because I will never get to see the noble beasts on my visits to NYC ever again. I don't want to think about where most of those noble beasts will wind up. I don't know for sure what will happen, but I know enough about horse the industry by knowing people in the horse industry to know what is likely.

I just hope the people that wanted this so bad, follow through. But I'm not optomistic. Why? Because I've known a lot of activists. And activists are good at running their mouths rather than actually finding alternatives that will work in real life. Once the last carriage horse has left NYC they will pat themselves on the back for a job well done and not give a second thought to the beautiful horses they sent to an unpleasant death. At least someone will be able to sleep at night.

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