Culture Of Abuse

Persecution, mutilation, murder and terror of those who are "different" from the mainstream is as old as mankind. Of course, we're not carrying spears and clubs any more, nor do we trade with sea shells and glass beads as currency. But while we've grown out of some of our less-than-useful attributes, fucktards the world over are lamenting one side effect of civilization: not being able to persecute, mutilate, murder and terrorize randomly and with impunity.

MOSCOW (AP) -- The leader of Chechnya has lashed out at international organizations that have strongly criticized the Russian region for reportedly persecuting and killing gays.[..]
Kadyrov says international organizations are conducting a "massive information attack ... using the most unworthy methods, reality is distorted, attempts are being made to blacken our society, lifestyle, traditions and customs."

Yes there it is once again, "our culture" is the justification for oppressing and destroying the lives of those deemed "different". Because in the past they were able to torture and kill gays it's something not just socially acceptable but demanded by their culture, and taking that ability away, or making them feel badly about it, means that the tables have turned and now the oppressors are being oppressed.

I often believe that this is precisely what defines someone as a "sane human" vs. someone not sufficiently evolved to be allowed an equal vote in governance. Do you believe that your religion, culture or history allows you to hurt another person? Yes? Sorry, no vote for you. Kthxbai.

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