Cranky Coders OR How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Textpad

I recommended using Dreamweaver to a friend who needed to throw together some nested tables in HTML. Yeah, it's like using a sledge hammer to open pistachios but it DOES get the job done with ease. Until it crashes and locks on you and you can't start it back up without some registry magicks. Anyway, in his quest for a solution (viva la powers of Google) he came across some of the best comments hidden away in a murky corner of the net. And so I present to you the best comments of dreamweaver-crashes-and-wont-open-again-how-to-fix-it. Take it away my HTML based blog!
Comments... Kwitko It's not a bug, it's an undocumented feature to keep coders from writing bad CSS. UPSLynx Or, you know, you could just not use Dreamweaver and use a real API like Visual Studio. Thrax Or you could know that Visual Studio isn't an API. ardichoke Real developers use vim and their brains _k I thought real developers used notepad and a cmd box. QuadWhore I got ninja'd by K. Real developers use notepad. I used notepad for 8 years. :nerdtroll: vim nothing. Use the original vi or GTFO. Also, Emacs is for babies. Sledgehammer70 Sounds like a few people go owned... Nice read tho jared Yeah you really need to ditch Dreamweaver. If you like the IDE feel and are on OSX, you can try WebStorm otherwise stick to Textmate ^_^ UPSLynx FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I MEANT IDE. Not API. Though you could technically say Visual Studio - API for .net apps. GHoosdum Notepad++ is my IDE. It hasn't corrupted a CSS file yet. ;) ardichoke With IDEs like this who needs enemies?
Thank you! Thank you! Try the soy-veal! I'm here all lightyear!
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