Ah the days of the red scare are back... only THIS time the most conservative, the most right wing are in LOVE with the vodka swilling bears.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday called a recent CIA assessment of Russian hacking "ridiculous" and says he's not interested in getting daily intelligence briefings - an unprecedented rejection of the nation's massive and sophisticated intelligence apparatus.
Anyone who wasn't dead during the last election knows how much Russia played a part. Regular releases from "Friends of Russia" lambasted and harangued Hillary to ensure that the email scandal never went away (of course, now that it's over where's all the news releases now?) Nah, everyone KNEW where the hackers were from and KNEW how much it was going to help one side of the equation. Of course in the end it did make a difference in a tight race and the Russians did tip the scales and the new "Emailgateski" is a thing, a thing that the beneficiary doesn't want to hear about so he's going to stuff fingers in his ears and go "lalalalala I can't hear you." I'm not really sure what the big deal is since this was pretty much all going on out in the open. The only people who are going to be "surprised" are the people who voted for der Fucktard that willfully and knowingly wanted to believe otherwise. Still, I think that's a very small percentage: those who backed and are still backing this cocktard WANT a lying, cheating, hateful asshole as president because it justifies their own anger, fear and pettiness. Meh. Another Watergate? Dunno, don't care. Damage is already done and fox is in the hen house. Now it's just a matter of how MUCH can be screwed up in the next four years.
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